Gastroenterology Terms

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  1. Distal opening of the digestive tract to outside of the body:
    a. colon
    b. anus
    c. rectum
    d. jejunum
    b. anus
  2. Small pouch attached to the cecum:
    a) gallbladder
    b) colon
    c) appendix
    d) bile duct
    C) Appendix
  3. First section of the intestine, receives food from the stomach.
    a) jujenum
    b) duodenum
    c) diverticulum
    d) ileum
    B) Duodenum
  4. Muscular tube that carries food from Throat to Stomach.
    a) trachea
    b) windpipe
    c) bronchii
    d) esophagus
    D) Esophagus
  5. Substance produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.  Aid in lipid digestion.
    a) pancreat/o, pancreas
    b) ile/o, ileum
    c) chol/e, bile
    d) enter/o, intestine
    C/ Chol/e, bile
  6. Combining form for Bile Ducts
    a) cholecysto/o
    b) cholangi/o
    c) choledoch/o
    d) col/o
    B) Cholangi/o
  7. Combinging form for abdomen, which means a body cavity that houses organs of digestion.
  8. Combining form that means Common bile duct:
    a) choledoch/o
    b) cholecyst/o
    c) cholangi/o
    d) bil/o
    A) Choledoch/o
  9. Inflammation of Appendix
    a) chongitis
    b) hepatitis
    c) appendial
    d) appendicitis
    D) Appendicitis
  10. Meaning of Cholelithiasis
    a) condition of inflammed bile duct
    b) bile duct pain
    c) condition of  bile stones
    d) condition of bile duct rupture
    C) Condition of bile stones
  11. Meaning of Rectocele:
    a) Rectal cell
    b) Protrusion of Rectum
    c) Pertaining to Rectum
    d) Abnormal condition of Rectum
    b) Protrusion of Rectum
  12. Small mushroom type growth on colo-rectal mucas membranes, can develop into cancer.
    a) diverticul/o, diverticulum
    b) lith/o, litho
    c) polyp/o, polyp
    d) append/o
    C) Polyp/o, polyp
  13. Combining form meaining intestines:
    a) lapar/o
    b) instest/o
    c) duoden/o
    d) enter/o
    A) Enter/o
  14. Second section of Instestine, receives food from duodenum, continues digestive process
    a) Ilium
    b) Iliac
    c) Jejunum
    d) Sigmoid
    C) Jejunum
  15. Suffix meaning to crush:
    a) -ptosis
    b) -emisis
    c) -cele
    d) -tripsy
    D) -Tripsy
  16. Suffix meaning to vomit
    a) -ptosis
    b) -emisis
    c) -Cele
    d) -tripsy
    B) -Emesis
  17. Suffix meaning digestion
    a) -pepsia
    b) -phagia
    c) -ptosis
    d) -malasia
    A) -Pepsia
  18. Suffix meaning to eat or swallow
    a) -pepsia
    b) -phagia
    c) -ptosis
    d) -malasia
    B) -Phagia
  19. Suffix meaning dropping
    a) -pepsia
    b) -phagia
    c) -ptosis
    d) -malasia
    C) -Ptosis
  20. Suffix meaning to surgically create an opening:
    a) -ectomy
    b) -ostomy
    c) -otomy
    d) -plasty
    B) -Ostomy
  21. Suffix meaning to surgically cut or make an incesion:
    a) -ectomy
    b) -ostomy
    c) -otomy
    d) -plasty
    C) -Otomy
  22. Suffix meaning to surgically repair:
    a) -ectomy
    b) -ostomy
    c) -otomy
    d) -plasty
    D) -Plasty
  23. Suffix meaning to puncture or withdraw fluid:
    a) -lysis
    b) -centesis
    c) -ole
    d) -aphy
    B) -Centesis
  24. Third section of Intestines, S-shaped, sends Feces to Rectum.
    a) duodenum, duoden/o
    b) jejunum, jejun/o
    c) colorectal, colorect/o
    d) Sigmoid Colon, sigmoid/o
    D) Sigmoid Colon, sigmoid/o
  25. Combining form for Colon and Rectum ______.
  26. Combining form for Liver, produces bile_____.
  27. Meaning of Appendectomy:
    Surgical removal of Appendix
  28. Process of viewing Colon:
  29. Inflamation of Liver is called Hepatitis: True or False
  30. Inflammation of small sac in colon:
    a) hemorhoid
    b) polypitis
    c) colonitis
    d) diverticulitis
    D) Diverticulitis
  31. Abbreviation: BS
    Bowel Sounds
  32. Abbreviation: CBD
    Common Bile Duct
  33. Abbreviation: CUC
    Chronic Ulcerative Colitis
  34. Abbreviation: EGD

  35. Abbreviation: GB
  36. Abbreviation: GERD
    Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    Gastr/o/esophag/eal/ reflux disease
  37. Abbreviation: GI
  38. Abbreviation: IBD
    Inflammatory bowel disease
  39. Abbreviation: IBS
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  40. Abbreviation: N & V
    Nausea and Vomiting
  41. Abbreviation:  TPN
    Total Parenteral nutrition
  42. Abbreviation: UGI
    Upper Gastrointetinal Series
  43. Chronic Liver Disease:
    a) Crohn Disease
    b) Ascites
    c) ileus
    d) cirrhosis
    D) Cirrhosis
  44. Meaning of Hyperemesis:
    a) Excessive digestion
    b) Excessive vomiting
    c) Fast digestion
    d) Slow digestion
    B) Excessive Vomiting
  45. Colon inflatmmation:
    A) Colonesis
    b) Colondysis
    c) Colonitis
    d) Proctitis
    C) Colonitis
  46. Meaning of Ileostomy:_______________.
    Surgically create an opening in the Ilium.
  47. An/o:____________.
    Anus, distal opening of digestive system
  48. Appendic/o:________________.
    Appendix, small sac attached to secum.
  49. Append/o:_______________.
    Appendix, small sac attached to secum.
  50. Chol/e:____________.
    Bile, produced by liver, aids in lipid digestion.
  51. Cholangi/o:________________.
    Bile duct, moves bile toward stomach, duodenum and jejunum.
  52. Cholecyst/o:____________.
    Gallbladder, stores bile.
  53. Choledoch/o:_____________.
    Common bile duct, moves bile from liver to duodenum, jejunum and sigmoid colon.
  54. Col/o:_______________.
    Colon, disgestive organ.  4 parts: Ascending colon, traverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon.
  55. Colon/o:______________.
    Combining form for Colon
  56. Diverticul/o:____________.
    Diverticulum, small sac in colon wall that can become inflammed and infected.
  57. Duoden/o:________________.
    Duodenum, 1st part of intestine, receives undigested food from stomach.
  58. enter/o:___________.
    Intestines, process and digestion of food.
  59. Esophag/o:______________.
    Esophagus, muscular tube that moves food from throat to stomach.
  60. Gastr/o:_____________.
    Stomach, muscular sac that produces stomach acid to start and process digestion.
  61. Hepat/o:_________________.
    Liver, produces bile.
  62. Ile/o:_______________.
    Ileum, 3rd section of intestine, receives digested food from dudenum, contines digestive process.
  63. Lapar/o:____________.
    Abdomin, thoracic cavity that houses digestive organs.
  64. Lith/o:____________.
  65. Pancreat/o:____________.
    Pancreas, produces digestive enzymes.
  66. Polyp/o:______________.
    Polyp, small mushroom type growth on colorectal mucas membranes, can develp into cancer.
  67. Proct/o:________________.
    Colon and Rectum.
  68. Hemat/o:_____.
  69. -Algia, -Dynia _______________.
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