Chapter 6 Speech

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  1. a listing of all the books, periodicals, and other resources owned by a library
  2. a number used in certain libraries to classify books and periodicals and to indicate where they can be found
    call number
  3. a research aid that catalogues articles from a large number of journals or magazines
    periodical database
  4. a summary of a magazine or journal articles, written by someone other than the original author
  5. a work that synthesizes a large amount of related information for easy access by researchers
    reference work
  6. a comprehensive reference work that provides information about all branches of human knowledge
    general encyclopedia
  7. a comprehensive reference work devoted to a specific subject such as religion, art, law, science, music, etc.
    special encyclopedia
  8. a reference work published annually that contains information about the previous year
  9. a reference work that provides information about people
    biographical aid
  10. a search engine that combines internet technology with traditional methods of cataloguing and assessing data
    virtual library
  11. an organization that, in the absence of a clearly identified author, is responsible for the content of a document on the internet
    sponsoring organization
  12. an interview conducted to gather information for a speech
    research interview
  13. a list compiled early in the research process of works that look as if they might contain helpful information about a speech topic
    preliminary bibliography
  14. What are the 5 resources in a library?
    • Librarians
    • Catalogue
    • Periodical Databases
    • Newspapers
    • Reference Works
  15. What are 3 steps for evaluating a source?
    • Authorship
    • Sponsorship
    • Recency
  16. What are the 3 stages of the interviewing process?
    • Before
    • During
    • After
  17. What are 4 note taking tips?
    • Take Plenty
    • Record in a consistent format
    • Make a separate entry for each note
    • Distinguish between quotes, paraphrases, and your own ideas
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