GRE Vocabulary Words

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  1. ambivalence
    conflicting feelings toward something or someone
  2. abstemious
    • moderate or sparing in eating or drinking
    • "You may live longer by living more abstemiously."
  3. ameliorate
    • to improve; to make better
    • "Is there anything I can do to ameliorate your imprisonment?"
  4. antediluvian
    • very old-fashioned; primitive
    • "The researchers argued that the lab's equipment was antediluvian and long overdue for replacement"
  5. atrophy
    • to waste away; to become useless
    • "Your muscles will atrophy if you don't get out of bed."
  6. burgeon
    • to flourish; to grow rapidly
    • "Burgeoning office romance."
  7. capitulate
    • to surrender
    • "I hate liver and onions but my grandmother forced me to eat it so I had no choice but to capitulate."
  8. clemency
    • mercy; leniency
    • "The murder asked for clemency and was given life in prison instead of a death sentence."
  9. coalesce
    • to blend; to merge; to fuse
    • "The two paints began to coalesce until they blended into one color."
  10. daunt
    • to overcome with fear; to discourage
    • "To daunt one's adversaries"
  11. disputatious
    • fond of arguing
    •  "The argument became so hot and out of control, that the moderator expelled the one disputatious man from the room."
  12. distend
    • to expand; to swell; to stretch out
    • "Habitual overeating had distended his stomach."
  13. efface
    • to erase; to wipe out
    • "to efface one's unhappy memories."
  14. effervescent
    • bubbly; spirited
    • "Effervescent tablet. Effervescent personality."
  15. enigmatic
    • mysterious; puzzling (enigma like)
    • "He did not know how to react to such an enigmatic personality."
  16. ephemeral
    • temporary; short lived
    •  "The lives of most insects are ephemeral."
  17. euphonious
    • having a pleasant sound; harmonius
    • "Proposed new names should be unique and euphonious, if possible, and not unduly long or clumsy."
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