Practical 2

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  1. structures on long bones
    • proximal epiphysis
    • distal epiphysis
    • diaphysis
  2. osteon
    cake looking thing
  3. lamellae
    top of cake floor
  4. spongy bone
    sponge looking thing
  5. central canal
    center of circle on bone cross section model
  6. osteocyte
    brown spots on bone cross section model
  7. canaliculi
    hair like coming out of osteocyte
  8. parts of clavicle
    • sternal end
    • acromial end
  9. parts of scapula
    • glenoid cavity
    • acromion (big process)
    • spine
    • coracoid process (smaller process)
  10. parts of humerus
    • head
    • olecranon fossa
    • trochlea (slide)
    • capitulum (first ball)
    • deltoid tuberosity (rough area, lateral side)
  11. parts of radius
    • head (flat end)
    • radial tuberosity (garganta)
    • styloid process (lateral tip)
  12. parts of Ulna
    • olecranon process (side of u)
    • semilunar notch (u area)
    • styloid process (end tip)
  13. parts of hand
    • carpals (8) (wrist)
    • metacarpals (5)
    • phalanges (14)
    • proximal phalanx
    • middle phalanx
    • distal phalanx
  14. pelvic girdle
    2 coxa bones
  15. part of ilium
    • iliac crest
    • sacroiliac joint
  16. obturator foramen
    hole by ilium
  17. ischium
    by ischial spine
  18. ischial tuberosity
    rough bola by ischium
  19. other parts of the pelvic bone
    • acetabulum
    • pubis
    • pubic symphysis
  20. pelvic brim
    where baby passes
  21. parts of femur
    • head
    • neck
    • greater trochanter (tip next to neck)
    • lateral condyle
    • medial condyle
  22. parts of tibia
    • tibial tuberosity (bump in front, top of bone)
    • medial malleolus (arch on pointie end)
  23. parts of fibula
    • lateral malleolus (flatter side on distal end)
    • head
  24. parts of foot
    • tarsals (7)
    • talus
    • calcaneus
    • metatarsals (5)
    • phalanges (14)
    • proximal phalanx
    • middle phalanx
    • distal phalanx
  25. occipitalis
    muscle on back
  26. temporalis
    muscle above ear
  27. frontalis
    forehead muscle
  28. orbicularis oris
    muscle around lips (kissing muscle)
  29. orbicularis oculi
    muscle around eyes
  30. masseter
    wide muscle by cheek
  31. zygomaticus
    thin long muscle from zygomatic arch to mouth
  32. sternocleidomastoid
    thick side of neck muscle
  33. buccinator
    goes straight from masseter to side of mouth
  34. platysma
    muscle under the chin and on chin
  35. transversus abdominis
    muscle across stomach
  36. pectoralis major
    chest muscle
  37. rectus abdominis
    straight up, six pack muscle
  38. intercostals
    muscles between ribs
  39. trapezius
    paleta muscle on back
  40. external obliques
    front side muscles. sideways
  41. latissimus dorsi
    muscle on back going sideways
  42. back of thigh muscles -hamstring group
    • biceps femoris (lateral side)
    • semitendinosus (middle)
    • semimembranosus (most medial)
  43. pompa mucles
    • gluteus maximus
    • gluteus medius
    • gluteus minimus
  44. front of thigh muscles
    • sartorius
    • also from quadriceps group
    • rectus femoris (next to sartorius)
    • vastus medialis (connects patella)
    • vastus lateralis (connects patella)
  45. muscle in front of leg
    tibialis anterior (straight up)
  46. muscle on back of leg
  47. calcaneal tendon
    tendon above calcaneus bone
  48. quadriceps tendon
    tendon above knee
  49. patellar ligament
    white thing under patella
  50. Upper arm muscles
    • deltoid (shoulders)
    • biceps branchii (conejos)
    • branchialis  (next to b.b.)
    • triceps branchii (back side of arm)
  51. brain sides
    right and left cerebral hemispheres
  52. longitudinal fissure
    line in middle of brain
  53. transverse fissure
    line between cerebellum and brain
  54. convolutions
    smooth surface of brain
  55. central sulcus
    lines on the top of cerebrum. grooves
  56. lateral sulcus
    groove on sides of cerebrum
  57. cerebral cortex
    pink wavy line. cutting down into brain
  58. corpus callosum
    ear looking thing. once cut in half
  59. cerebrum lobes:
    • frontal lobe
    • parietal lobe
    • occipital lobe
    • temporal lobe
  60. olfactory nerve (I)
    two nerves going up. inferior to frontal lobe.
  61. optic nerve (II)
    white nerve. comes from behind eyeball.
  62. thalamus
    around bumpy circle on brain stem
  63. hypothalamus
    around the thalamus
  64. pituitary gland
    bolita on a stick on brain stem
  65. pineal gland
    tiny gland by thalamus
  66. parts of the brain stem:
    • midbrain
    • pons
    • medulla oblongata
  67. parts of cerebellum:
    • right cerebellar hemisphere
    • left cerebellar hemisphere
    • arbor vitae
  68. arbor vitae
    white line in cerebellum
  69. parts on ventricle model
    • right ventricle
    • left ventricle
    • third ventricle (has foramen in it)
    • fourth ventricle
    • cerebral aqueduct
  70. dendrites
    hairlike around neuron
  71. axon
    thick hairlike of neuron
  72. axon terminal
    bottle looking model
  73. synaptic vesicles
    whiteballs in bottle
  74. Schwann cells
    one capsule
  75. myelin
    many capsules. all Schwann cells together
  76. node of Ranvier
    gaps between Schwann cells
  77. spinal nerves
    thick white nerve on spinal cord cross section model
  78. dorsal nerve roots
    back roots on spinal cord cross section model
  79. dorsal root ganglion
    belly of dorsal nerve roots on spinal cord cross section model
  80. ventral nerve roots
    front nerve roots on spinal cord cross section model
  81. parts of white matter on spinal c.c.s.model
    • ventral column (more open)
    • dorsal column (less open)
    • lateral column
  82. parts of gray matter on spinal c.c.s model
    • posterior horn (longer)
    • anterior horn
    • lateral horn
  83. posterior median sulcus
    narrower, back side of butterfly
  84. anterior median fissure
    wider, front side of butterfly
  85. central canal
    center point in butterfly
  86. epidural space
    fatty looking space on model with spinal cord in vertebrae
  87. phrenic nerve
    • not shown in model.
    • It Innervates diaphragm
  88. intercostal nerves
    nerves between ribs
  89. axillary nerve
    yellow nerve by axilla
  90. ulnar nerve
    nerve runs with little finger
  91. radial nerve
    nerve that runs with thumb
  92. median nerve
    nerve that runs in middle of whole arm and ends at meta carpals
  93. femoral nerve
    front nerve that goes to femur
  94. sciatic nerve
    big nerve on back of leg
  95. cervical spinal nerves
    have  8 pairs. come out of cervical vertebrae
  96. thoracic spinal nerves
    12 pairs of nerves. come out of thoracic vertebrae
  97. lumbar spinal nerves
    5 pairs. comes out of lumbar vertebrae
  98. sacral spinal nerves
    5 pairs. come out of sacrum
  99. coccygeal spinal nerves
    not shown in model. 1 pair. coming from coccyx
  100. conus medullaris
    end of spinal cord. between 1 and 2. V shaped
  101. cauda equina
    horses tail at the end of sacrum
  102. lacrimal gland
    cheesy part on eyelid
  103. 3 layers of the eye:
    • sclera (white layer)
    • choroid (purple layer)
    • retina (peach color, inside)
  104. parts of retina
    • fovea centralis (little yellow spot)
    • optic disc (white spot)
  105. cornea
    like contact lense
  106. iris
    pigmented part. "eye color"
  107. pupil
    hole in center of eye
  108. lens
    small clear. looks like glass bead
  109. vitreous body
    clear ball
  110. auricle (pinna)
  111. external acoustic meatus
    inside of ear. canal
  112. tympanic membrane
    round thin ear membrane
  113. 3 auditory ossicles
    • MIS
    • malleus (with ball)
    • incus (big one in the middle)
    • stapes (with flat area)
  114. Eustachian tube
    big ear tube connecting ear to the inside.
  115. oval window
    yellow oval on inner ear. where stapes attaches
  116. vestibule
    part connecting the cochlea and the semicircular canals
  117. semicircular canals
    3 arches by cochlea in inner ear
  118. cochlea
    snail shape on inner ear
  119. vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
    big yellow nerve
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