Endocrine System

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  1. diabetes mellitus (DM)
    Chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism resulting in hyperglycemia and glycosuria.  There are two distinct forms of diabetes mellitus; insulin-dependent deabetes mellitus (IDDM) or type 1, and non-insulin0dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or type 2.
  2. diabetic retinopathy
    • -tic = pertaining to
    • retin/o =retina
    • -pathy = disease

    Secondary complication of diabetes that affects the blood vessels of the retina resulting in visual changes and even blindness.
  3. insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)
    Also called type 1 diabetes melliuts.  It develops early in life when the pancreas stops insulin production.  Patient must take daily insulin injections.
  4. insulinoma
    -oma = tumor

    Tomor of the islets of Langerhans cells of the pancreas that secretes an excessive amount of insulin.
  5. ketoacidosis
    • ket/o = ketones
    • -osis = abnormal condition

    Acidosis due to an excess of acidic ketone bodies (waste products).  A serious condition requiring immediate treatment that can result in death for the diabetic patient if not reversed.  Also calle diabetic acidosis.
  6. non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
    Also called type 2 diabetes mellitus.  It typically develops later in life.  The pancreas produces normal to high levels of insulin, but he cells fail to respond to it.  Patients may take oral hypoglycemikcs to improve insulin function, or may eventually have to take insulin.
  7. peripheral neuropathy
    • -al = pertaining to
    • neur/o = nersve
    • -pathy = disease 

    Damage to the nereves in the lower legs and hands as a result of diabetes mellitus.  Symptoms include either extreme sensitivity or numbness and tingling.
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Endocrine System

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