Unit 81 Review for MCHN2471

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  1. Use silicon carbide wheels for:
    low tensile materials
  2. Use aluminum oxide wheels for:
    high tensile materials
  3. Name the five main causes of wheel glazing.
    a. wheel speed too fast

    b. work speed too slow

    c. wheel to hard

    d. grain too small

    e.structure too dense
  4. There are six reasons that the wheel wears too quickly.
    a. wheel too soft

    b. wheel speed too slow

    c. work speed too fast

    d. feed-rate too great

    e. face of wheel too narrow

    f. surface of work interrupted by holes or grooves
  5. Name four types of surface grinding machines.
    a. horizontal spindle grinder, reciprocating table

    b. horizontal spindle grinder, rotary table

    c. vertical spindle grinder, reciprocating table

    d. vertical spindle grinder, rotary table
  6. Name four reasons for dressing the grinding wheel.
    a. reduce heat generated between work and wheel

    b. reduce strain on grinding wheel and machine

    c. improve surface finish and accuracy of work

    d. increase rate of metal removal
  7. Name four purposes of grinding fluids.
    a. reduction of grinding heat

    b. lubrication

    c. removal of swarf from cutting area

    d. small metal chips and abrasive grains

    e. control of grinding dust
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