Ch.2 Vocab

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  1. acid
    increases the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution by dissociating and releasing H+
  2. acidic
    having properties of an acid
  3. adhesion
    the quality of sicking together or holding fast
  4. antioxidant
    any substance that inhibits oxidation
  5. atom
    the smallest quantity of an element that can take part in achemical reaction
  6. atomic mass
    the mass of an isotope of an element
  7. atomic number
    the number of positive charges in the nucleus of an atom
  8. atomic nucleus
     the central core of an atom, composed of protons and neutrons
  9. base
    a substance that decreases the H+ concentration in a solution
  10. basic
    containing a base
  11. chemical bond
    electrons in two atoms that generate a force causing the atoms to bond
  12. chemical reaction
    process that involves changes in the structure and energy
  13. cohesion
     the force that holds together the atoms or molecules in asolid or liquid
  14. compound
    a substance that contains atoms of two or more chemical elements held together by chemical bonds
  15. covalent bond
    a bond by sharing a pair of electrons by two atoms
  16. dissolve
    to melt
  17. electron
    negative charged
  18. electron shell
    a grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom
  19. element
    one of a class substance that can't be seperated
  20. free radical
    an atom or molecule that has an unpaired electron and is reactive
  21. hydrogen bond
    a type of chemical bond in which a hydrogen atom
  22. hydrophilic
    tending to dissolve in
  23. hydrophobic
    tending not to dissolve in
  24. hydrophobic interaction
    interaction of nonpolar hydrocarbon molecules forced together because of a stronger water interaction
  25. ion
    an electrically charged atom
  26. ionic bond
    formed between two ions by the attraction of opposite charges that have resulted from gaining or losing an electron
  27. isotope
    any of two or more forms of a chemical element
  28. molecule
    smallest unit of a compound the retains the properties of the compound
  29. neutron
    particle with no charge
  30. nonpolar covalent
    a bond in which a pair of electrons is distributed or shared equally between two atoms
  31. pH scale
    scale to tell the amount of hydrogen ion concentration
  32. polar covalent bond
    bond between two non metals with different electrons
  33. proton
    positive charge
  34. radioactive
    emitting emission of ionizing particles
  35. solution
    process by which gas,liquid, or solid is dispersed evenly with out change
  36. solvent
    a substance that dissolves another to form a solution
  37. surface tension
    a property of liquids caused by a force near the surface
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