Y2: Wound terms

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  1. Granulation tissue

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    The pink to red, moist, fragile tissue that fills in an open wound bed during proliferative phase of healing. Capillary beds on its surface give it the bumpy or granulated appearance.
  2. Hypergranulation
    Granulation tissue that is raised above the peri-wound area.
  3. Debridement
    The removal of devitalized tissue and foreign matter
  4. Oedema

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    Swelling, accumulation of fluid in the tissues
  5. Exudate
    Fluid coming from wounded tissue
  6. Inflammation
    The initial response to injury, generally lasting several days.

    The response releases chemicals which initiate healing.
  7. Meceration
    A softening or sogginess of the tissue caused by retention of excessive moisture
  8. Necrosis or necrotic
    • The local death of tissue
    • Tissue is often black/brown in colour
    • leathery in texture
  9. Slough
    Devitalized tissue that has a yellow/tan/grey/green/ or brown hue
  10. Laceration

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    A wound with torn and ragged edges
  11. Abrasion
    A superficial injury in which the skin or mucous membrane is rubbed or torn
  12. Eschar
    Scab or dry crust that is composed of dried plasma proteins and dead skin
  13. Blister
    A vesicle that contains collection of serum
  14. Non-blanchable erythema
    The skin appears bright pink to red and does not blanch (lose colour) when pressed.
  15. Maloderous
    Unpleasant odour or smell
  16. Autolysis
    A process of tissue digestion by enzymes produced in the body
  17. Haemoserous
    Blood stained fluid when serous fluid mixes with blood. 

    Pink/red in colour
  18. Friable
    • Tissue that bleeds easily.
    • Then this occurs in a chronic wound, infection should be suspected.
  19. Angiogenesis
    The process of forming new blood vessels. Occurs in the granulation phase of healing in wound repair.
  20. Cellulitis
    Inflammation or infection of the cells in tissues characterized by redness, pain, heat and edema. Firmess of the tissue may also occur
  21. Erythema
    Redness of the skin caused by vasodilatation related to inflammation, infection or injury
  22. Extravasation
    leakage of fluid from a blood or lymph vessel into surrounding tissue
  23. Ischemia
    a deficiency of blood supply to an area
  24. Neuropathy
    Any abnormal degenerative or inflammatory state of the peripheral nervous system. Symptoms include, numbness, tingling or pain in the extremities
  25. Purulent
    Containing or forming pus
  26. Osteomyelitis
    Inflammation/infection of a bone
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