Special procedures

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  1. Improperly performing hand hygiene increases pt risk for all types of health care associated infections. Name a few cases in which this could happen during a special procedure.
    • in urinary tract: improper specimen collection technique
    • in respiratory tract: improper disposal of secretions
  2. You collect body fluids and secretions suspected of infectious microorganisms for ___ and ___ tests.
    • culture
    • sensitivity
  3. ___ ___ determine which antibiotics used in treatment are effective and need to be ordered for treatment.
    sensitivity reports
  4. You obtain all cultures specimens using ___ gloves and ___ equipment.
    • clean
    • sterile
  5. Collecting fresh material such as wound drainage from the site of infections ensures that...
    neighboring microbes do not contaminate a specimen.
  6. Seal all containers ___ to prevent spillage and contamination of the outside of the container.
  7. For specimen collection technique, ensure that all specimen containers used have the ___ symbol on the outside.
  8. How do you clean a wound specimen?
    for female pt, urine into cup and tell them
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