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  1. What year as Edmund Sohlberg of Kansas City issued a patent for remote-controlled spotlight?
  2. Who is credited with a patent that demonstrates the earliest use of electric motors for motorizing the pan and tilt functions of a luminaire?
    Herbet F. King
  3. What movie production used a remotely operated lighting fixture built by Century Lighting, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures?
    The Greatest Show On Earth
  4. In 1965, who developed a remote controlled par type fixture for a production of “Peter Pan”?
    Jules Fisher
  5. What was the name of the fixture designed for and used by the touring production for the band "Grand Funk Railroad"
  6. In what year did the company ShowCo begin work on a color changing par fixture?
  7. What was the name of the prototype moving fixture built by Vari*Lite?
  8. In 1981, in what city did the Genesis "Abacab" tour start?
    Barcelona, Spain
  9. What was the name of the French company that designed the Telescan ficture?
  10. What company developed the "Pana-Spot" fixture?
  11. What company developed the first moving yoke fixture that used the DMX512 data protocol?
    Summa Technologies
  12. Who was the lighting designer who used projectors, with mirrors attached at the end of the lens, to move light around on a stage for early Pink Floyd shows?
    Peter Wynne Willson
  13. how many Vari*Lite fixtures were used on the Genesis "Abacab" tour?
  14. Who was the lighting designer that used the High End Systems Intellabeam on the Dire Straits' 1990-1991 "on Every Street" tour?
    Chas Herington
  15. What was the first line of products that martin company produced?
    Smoke Machines
  16. What company introduced the icon M fixture?
    Lighting and Sound Design
  17. What year did High End Systems introduce the Catalyst Media Server?
  18. Name the 5 common elements found in all automated lighting systems?
    • Rigging system
    • Power distribution system
    • Data distribution system
    • control system
    • Luminaries or Fixtures
  19. What is the normal size for light duty truss?
    12 by 12
  20. What is a normal size for medium duty truss?
    20.5 inches square
  21. What is a normal size for heavy duty tress?
    20.5 inches by 30 inches
  22. What is the standard type of pipe that is used as a batten in the United States?
    1.5 in schedule 40 black iron pipe
  23. What is the job of a power distribution system?
    To safely and reliably distribute power to each electrical load in the system while at the same time providing protection from overloading and short circuits.
  24. Whata are the color codes for the following cable in a 3 phase system?
    • europ
    • Green/yellow striped
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Grey
  25. What does a distribution panel do?
    • Houses the over-current protection equipment
    • Serves to divide the incoming power into branch circuits
  26. What can make a thermal curcuit breaker trip sooner than it should?
    Hot environments
  27. How does a magnetic circuit breaker measure current flow?
    By sensing the magnetic field around a conductor in direct proportion t the current
  28. What is the maximum current interrupt rating fr a breaer that is used in conjunction with 14 AWG circuits.
  29. What is the maximum current interrupt rating for a breaker that is sed in conjunction with 12 AWG circuits?
  30. What is the maximum current interrupt rating for a breaker that is used in conjunction with 10 AWG circuits?
  31. What is the definition of a branch circuit?
    A set of wires that carried power from the last overcurrent portection device to on or more electrical loads.
  32. What 2 things (dealing with the cable) can cause the voltage to drop in a branch circuit?
    • Branch circuits are run long way
    • The wire gauge is too small
  33. What is the name of the set of codes and standards governing the installation and operation of electrical equipment in the United States?
    NEC--- National Electrical Code
  34. When was this set of codes first written?
  35. What is the difference between data grade cables and microphone cables?    Data grade are low impedancemicrophone cables are high impedance cables
    • Data grade are low impedance
    • microphone cables are high impedance cables
  36. What does ACN stand for?
    Architecture for Control Networks
  37. What are the two main functions of the electrical system in an automated light?    To supply power for the lamp circuit
    Supply low-voltage power to the electronics systems and electromechanical systems.
  38. What is the primary function of the electronics system?
    • To take the control signal input, translate it to computer code, and
    • execute commands in the form of motor movemets or lamp voltage.
  39. What does the electromechanical system do?
    Converts electrical energy into movements
  40. What is the mechanical system made up of?
    • Gears
    • Belts
    • Bearings
    • Axles
    • Chassis
  41. Name seven things that can be found in the optical system.
    • Reflectors
    • Lamps
    • UV and I/R filters
    • Color Media
    • Gobos
    • Lenses
    • Effects
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