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  1. how much time does nurse spend giving med
    40% of time
  2. what must med order contain (8 things)
    • pt full name
    • date time order given
    • name of drug
    • dosage
    • route
    • how often given
    • reason for drug admin
    • signature of prescriber
  3. 6 rights of med administration
    • right patient (2 identifiers)
    • right drug (check 3 times) pixis, as you prepare, at bedside
    • Right route
    • Right time (qid, tid,)
    • right dose (0.4 not .40)
    • right documentation
  4. what three times do you check for right drug
    • when you get drug out of pixis
    • as you prepare them
    • at pt bedside
  5. what is difference in q6h and qid
    • q6 is around the clock
    • qid is during waking hours
  6. peak and trough
    • trough drawn (30 min. prior to admin)
    • peak drawn (30 min after admin)
    • peak and trough - ordered when drug has a narrow therapeutic window
    • you have given when it says to give (no 30 min window)
  7. if pt is concerned about a med you do what
    recheck the med
  8. should you give a med drawn up by someone else
  9. should you draw up meds from an unlabeled container
  10. never leave meds ...
  11. if you give wrong med or made an error of some kind the very first thing you do is
    assess the patient condition
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