lymphatic and immune system (unit 2 part 4)

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  1. what does the inflammatory response do?
    it increases blood flow and more neutrophils are coming to the area
  2. why is there puffiness at an inflammatory response site?
    because the body's physical barrier has been broken, so the body tries to make a temporary barrier to replace it
  3. what are mast cells?
    a basophil cell that is not in circulation.
  4. what are the 7 factors regarding the mast cell?
    • 1. blood flow increases
    • 2. phagocytes are activated
    • 3. capillary permeability is increased
    • 4. complement activated
    • 5. clotting reaction
    • 6. regional temp is increased
    • 7. specific defense is activated
  5. what is histamine considered to be?
    a vasodilator
  6. what are the 3 factors concerning the fever?
    • 1. mobilizes defenses
    • 2. accelerates repairs
    • 3. inhibits pathogens
  7. what are pyrogens?
    molecules released from leukocytes
  8. what kind of feedback does a fever cause?
  9. what do pyrogens release?
    an artificial cold stimulus by tricking the hypothalamus
  10. at what temperature does your body maintain its normal temperature?
    37.2 C
  11. what 2 categories does the specific resistance break down in to?
    • 1. innate
    • 2. acquired
  12. what is an example of innate resistance?
    when you're immune to other types of blood antigens
  13. what two categories does the acquired resistance break down in to?
    • 1. active
    • 2. passive
  14. what are some factors of active immunity?
    • 1. long lasting
    • 2. they are after proteins
  15. what 2 phases does the active resistance break down in to?
    • 1. naturally acquired
    • 2. induced
  16. what is passive resistance?
    you only will get the antibodies, they dont last for forever i.e.; HIV
  17. what is naturally acquired resistance?
    when you get your antibodies through the placenta
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