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  1. Title or Name: Rooftop remodel lawyers office Architect/Artist: Coop Himmelblau (Prix and Swiczinsky) City: Vienna Country: Austria Dates: 1983-1989 AD
  2. Title or Name: Parc de la Villette Architect/Artist: Tschumi, Bernard City: Paris Country: France Dates: 1984-1989
  3. Title or Name: Seaside Florida Architect/Artist: Duany and Plater-Zyberk City: Seaside State: Florida Country: United States Dates: 1984-1991 AD
  4. Title or Name: Church on the Water Architect/Artist: Ando, Tadao City: Tomamu Country: Japan Dates: 1985-1988
  5. Title or Name: Jewish Museum Architect/Artist: Libeskind, Daniel City: Berlin Country: Germany Dates: 1989-1993
  6. Title or Name: Fire Station for the Vitra Company Architect/Artist: Hadid, Zaha City: Weil am Rhein Country: Germany Dates: 1989-1993
  7. Title or Name: Commerzbank Headquarters Architect/Artist: Foster, Norman City: Frankfurt Country: Germany Dates: 1991-1997
  8. Title or Name: Waterloo Terminal Architect/Artist: Grimshaw, Nicholas City: London State: England Country: United Kingdom Dates: 1993
  9. Title or Name: Guggenheim Museum Architect/Artist: Gehry, Frank O City: Bilbao Country: United States Dates: 1991-99
  10. Title or Name: Milwaukee Art Museum addition Architect/Artist: Calatrava, Santiago City: Milwaukee State: Wisconsin Country: United States Dates: 2002

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