NCLEX- immunizations

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  1. What type of immunity develops when an immunization is given and the body produces antibodies in response to exposure to a klled attenuated virus?
    active artificial immunity.
  2. What kind of immunity occurs when antibodies are passed from the mother to the newborn/infant through the placenta and then breast feeding.?
    Passive natural immunity
  3. Giving asa to tx a fever or local reaction can cause what in kids?
    Rye syndrome
  4. When can parents start giving their child ibuprofen?
    6 moths
  5. What are the qualifications for receiving Live Attenuated vaccine (LAIV), given as a nasal spray?
    under age 50, not pregnant or immunocomprimised.
  6. What is a contraindication from receiving the influenza vaccine?
    a hypersensitivity to eggs.
  7. What vaccine should is given before age one with all doses recommended to be complete @ 8 months of age?
  8. What are some potential side effects to the MMR vaccine?
    Rash, redness/discomfort at injection site thrombocytopenia.
  9. When is the first dose of varicella able to be given?
    12 to 18 months of age.
  10. For large Chemotherapy spills, who should be contacted?
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