SAT 4-1

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  1. clamber
    v. to crawl or climb with difficulty, esp. on all fours
  2. gyrate
    v. to revolve on an axis; to spin
  3. meander
    v. to follow a winding course; to wander without any fixed destination
  4. plummet
    v. to decline or descend sharply
  5. regress
    v. to return to a previous state
  6. scurry
    v. to move with light running steps
  7. shuffle
    v. to walk while scraping or sliding the feet
  8. strut
    v. to walk with a proud, arrogant bearing
  9. undulate
    v. to move in a wave-like motion
  10. writhe
    v. to twist or squirm, as in pain, struggle or embarassment
  11. ben/eu
  12. benediction
    n. blessing
  13. benefactor
    n. one who helps and supports others
  14. beneficent
    adj. performing deeds of kindness or charity; producing a good result
  15. benevolent
    adj. characterized by doing good
  16. benign
    adj. kindly; creating a favorable influence; (in medicine) not dangerous to one's health
  17. eulogy
    n. a speech or written tribute in praise of someone who has died
  18. euphemism
    n. the substitution of an agreeable word or phrase to replace one that might offend
  19. euphony
    n. pleasing sound, esp. of words
  20. euphoria
    n. a feeling of great happiness
  21. euthanasia
    n. the practice of ending the life of someone suffering from an incurabel condition; mercy killing
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