SAT 4-3

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  1. decor
    n. a decorative style or scheme, as of a room
  2. dilettante
    n. one who engages an art with only superficial skill; an amateur
  3. divisive
    adj. creating conflict
  4. dreary
    adj. depressing and boring
  5. entourage
    n. a group of attendants or followers
  6. expertise
    n. specialized skill or knowledge
  7. falter
    v. to hesitate or stumble
  8. flux
    n. flow; continuous change or movement
  9. forlorn
    adj. appearing sad because abandoned; in pitiful condition; almost without hope
  10. genteel
    adj. refined in manner; polite, often in an affected or exaggerated manner
  11. gentile
    n. a non-Jewish person
  12. gibe
    v. to ridicule
  13. grandiose
    adj. impressive; imposing; showy
  14. guerrilla
    n. a member of an outnumbered military force, relying on surprise and harassment to win
  15. hapless
    adj. unfortunate; unlucky
  16. inalienable
    adj. not able to be taken away or transferred to others
  17. insuperable
    adj. impossible to overcome
  18. intuition
    n. instinctive knowledge; acquired without conscious reason
  19. jeopardy
    n. risk or loss of an injury; peril
  20. keen
    adj. having a sharp edge; perspective
  21. leery
    adj. suspicious; distrustful
  22. linguistic
    adj. of or relating to language, esp. study of its nature and structure
  23. maudlin
    adj. excessively sentimental
  24. molt
    v. to shed an outer covering, such as feathers and skins
  25. nautical
    adj. of or having to do with sailors, ships, or navigation
  26. obliterate
    v. to destroy so as to leave no trace
  27. obtuse
    adj. slow in understanding; dull; stupid
  28. ode
    n. a long, lyrical poem, usually serious or meditative in nature
  29. patronize
    v. to sponsor or support; to be kind or helpful in a snobbish way, as if dealing with an inferior
  30. preposterous
    adj. absurd; ridiculous; senseless; irrational
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