chapter 1 and 2

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  1. feigned
    to pretend to be affected by ( a feeling, state, or injury)
  2. epigram
    a saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way
  3. supercilious
    behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others
  4. conscientious
    wishing to do what is right, or doing one's duty well and thoroughly
  5. imperceptible
    impossible to perceive
  6. hulking
    large, heavy or clumsy
  7. skepticism
    the belief of questioning or doubting all accepted opinions
  8. libel
    a punished false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation
  9. impenetrable
    impossible to pass through or enter
  10. oculist
    a person who specializes in the medical treatment of diseases and defects of the eye; ophthalmologist
  11. saunter
    walk in a slow relaxed manner, without hurry or effort
  12. proprietary
    of or relating to an owner or ownership
  13. ambiguous
    open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning
  14. incredulous
    unwilling or unable to believe in something
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