Chapter 2 Terminology

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  1. abdominal
    pertaining to the abdomen
  2. adipose
    resembling fat
  3. anterior
    pertaining to the front; toward the front or belly side
  4. brachial
    pertaining to the arm
  5. cardiac
    pertaining to the heart
  6. cardiology
    the study of the heart and blood vessals
  7. cardiovascular
    pertaining to the heart n blood vessels
  8. caudal
    pertaining to the tail; more toward the feet or below a structure
  9. caphalic
    pertaining to the head; more towards the head or above a structure
  10. cervical
    pertaining to the neck
  11. cranial
    pertaining to the skull
  12. crural
    pertaining to the leg
  13. cytology
    study of a cell
  14. dermatology
    the study of the skin
  15. distal
    pertaining to away from; located away from the point of attachment
  16. endocrinology
    study of secretions within the endocrine system
  17. epigastric
    pertaining to above the stomach
  18. epithelial
    pertaining to the epithelium
  19. gastroenterology
    the study of the stomach and small intestine
  20. gluteal
    pertaining to the buttocks
  21. gynecology
    study of women
  22. hematic
    pertaining to the blood
  23. hematology
    the study of blood
  24. histology
    the study of tissue
  25. hypochondriac
    pertaining to the cartilage
  26. hypogastric
    pertaining to under the stomach
  27. immunology
    the study of protection (immune system)
  28. inferior
    pertaining to below; toward the feet
  29. lateral
    pertaining to the side
  30. lumbar
    pertaining to the loin (the side and back between the ribs and pelvic bone)
  31. lymphatic
    pertaining to the lymph
  32. medial
    pertaining to the middle
  33. muscular
    pertaining to the muscle
  34. nephrology
    the study of the kidneys
  35. neurology
    the study of nerves
  36. ophthalmology
    the study of the eye
  37. otorhinolaryngology
    the study of the ear, nose, and larynx
  38. pelvic
    pertaining to the pelvis
  39. peritoneal
    pertaining to the peritoneum
  40. pleural
    pertaining to the plerua
  41. posterior
    pertaining to the back
  42. proctology
    the study of the rectum and anus
  43. proximal
    pertaining to near to; located nearer to the point of attachment
  44. pubic
    pertaining to the geitals
  45. pulmonology
    study of the lungs
  46. spinal
    pertaining to the spine
  47. superior
    pertaining to above; towards the head
  48. thoracic
    pertaining to the chest
  49. urology
    the study of urine
  50. ventral
    pertaining to the belly
  51. vertebral
    pertaining to the vertebra
  52. visceral
    pertaining to the internal organs
  53. dorsal
    towards the back
  54. apex
    tip or summit of an organ
  55. base
    bottom of an organ
  56. superficial
    more toward the surface of the body
  57. deep
    further away from the surface of the body

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