Radiology final

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  1. radiology is used as a?
    diognostic tool
  2. list three protective items warn when taking radiographs
    • lead vest
    • lead thyroid protector
    • lead glasses
  3. how oldmust you be to take radiographs?
  4. what item is warn outside and inside of the lead apron?
    a dosimeter
  5. what is a dosimeter?
    device used to measure amount of radiation you are exposed to over a certain period of time
  6. what views are taken for a standard abdominal series? min 2
    v/d  right lateral left lateral
  7. list the three most common sizes of rad film used in clinics
    8-10 10-12 14-17
  8. what holds the radiographic material in place?
    the cassett
  9. fixing and developing depends on what two things?
    • temperature
    • time
  10. what is the minimum thickness for lead clothing?
  11. list the 6 items a VOA may enter into the rad log
    • name 
    • age
    • breed 
    • date
    • weight
    • rad#
  12. what form is completed when sending out rads?
    rad release form
  13. for heart disease or respiratory problems which radiograph view would you use?
    d/v to ease the process of taking the photo on the heart and lungs

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radiology final
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