Chapter 1 Quiz

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  1. Which of the following best describes property?
    A. A bundle of rights
    B. Unlimited right of possession
    C. Taxable interest
    D. Intangible
    Bundle of Rights
  2. Able gave to Baker a life estate based on the life of Cady. Upon the death of Cady title is to be returned to Able. While Cady is Living, Able holds an estate?
    A. In life
    B. In remainder
    C. In reversion
    D. Any of the preceding.
    In Reversion
  3. Leases on agricultural lands may not run for more than
    A. 20 years
    B. 99 years
    C. 51 years
    D. The life of the lessor
    51 years
  4. Which of the following are not classified as real property:
    A. Buildings
    B. Fixtures
    C. Harvested crops
    D. Appurtenant easement
    Harvested crops
  5. The right to use underground waters, know as percolating waters, is owned by the:
    A. State of California
    B. United States Government
    C. Water Resources Board
    D. Land owners above for their reasonable use
    Land owners
  6. An estate of inheritance would be the same as:
    A. A fee estate
    B. An estate at will
    C. A life estate
    D. An estate in remainder
    Fee estate
  7. Able conveys title to real property to Baker for the life of Cady. If Baker were to die, the estate:
    A. Is cancelled
    B. Reverts to Able
    C. Vests in Cady in trust until Able's death
    D. Passes to the heirs or devisees of Baker
    Reverts to Able
  8. If you were to lease a beach home from July 1 to July 20, the leasehold would be classified as:
    A. A periodic tenancy
    B. An estate for years
    C. A tenancy at sufferance
    D. A tenancy at will
    Estate for years
  9. If Smith leased a residence for a six month term and at the expiration of the lease, retained possession of the property without the consent of the landlord, Smith would hold an:

    A. Estate for years
    B. Estate at will
    C. Estate from period to period
    D. Estate at sufferance
    Estate at sufferance
  10. Which of the following is a less than freehold estate?

    A. A fee simple defeasible estate
    B. A fee simple absolute
    C. A leasehold estate
    D. A life estate
    Leasehold estate
  11. A lease in which the amount of rent is based upon the tenant's dollar volume of business is known as a:

    A. Graduated Lease
    B. Participation lease
    C. Percentage lease
    D. Flat lease
    Percentage Lease
  12. If a tenant is delinquent in his or her rent under a written lease, the landlord can have the person evicted by: 
    A. The sheriff without court action
    B. Giving 30 days notice
    C. Physical force
    D. Bringing court action
    Bring court action
  13. The right to possess, use, encumber, dispose of and to exclude, most accurately describes:
    A. Tenancy
    B. Real Estate
    C. Ownership
    D. Equity
  14. The word "estate" is used to express the degree, quantity, nature, duration or extent of an interest one may or hold in real property. Which of the following is classified as an estate?

    A. Mortgage
    B. Lease
    C. Real estate taxes
    D. Judgment
  15. Able leased a store to Baker for ten years. Able, the landlord, died shortly after she entered in the the lease. It was then discovered that Able had held only a life estate. Under these circumstances, the lease would now be.

    A. Enforceable
    B. Void
    C. Valid
    D. Illegal
  16. "A" deeded the title to a residence to "B" but reserved a life estate for himself. Upon "A's" death, title to the property would:
    A. Revert to "B"
    B. Pass to "B"
    C. Revert to "A's" heirs
    D. Escheat to the State
    Pass to "B"
  17. Personal property when attached to a building or land in such a way that it becomes part of the real property.

    A. an attachment
    B. an appurtenance
    C. an encroachment
    D. A fixture
  18. Ownership of land includes:
    A. The surface and everything beneath the land but no airspace

    B. The right to lateral and subjacent support
    C. Unlimited use of underground water
    D. Trade fixtures of a tenant
    right to lateral and subjacent support
  19. Real Property is all that is
    A. Transferable
    B. Moveable
    C. Intangible
    D. Not personal property
    not personal property
  20. An estate in real property for a definite and specified period of time, fixed in advance and based upon an agreement for the payment of rent, is known as:

    A. A periodic tenancy
    B. A month-to-month tenancy
    C. An estate for years
    D. A freehold estate
    Estate for years
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