Turf grass

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  1. Creeping bentgrass
    Agrostis stolonifera

    • stoloniferous 
    • heat tolerant not drought tolerant 
    • fine blade
  2. Tall fescue
    Festuca arundinacea

    • cool season turfgrass
    • drought tolerant
  3. Kentucky bluegrass
    Poa pratensis

    • rhizome
    • good thatch 
    • medium texture 
    • northern us
  4. Rough bluegrass
    Poa trivialis

    poor drought and heat tolerance due to shallow root system
  5. Perennial ryegrass
    lolium perenne

    • most popular over seed 
    • traffic tolerant 
    • a bunchgrass
    • poor summer grass in southern states
  6. Annual bluegrass
    Poa annua
  7. Annual ryegrass
    Lolium multiflorum
  8. St. Augustinegrass
    Stenotaphrum secundatum

    • in every yard in the south 
    • asexually propagated
  9. Zoysiagrass
    Zoysia spp.

    externally salt tolerant
  10. Centipedgrass
    Eremochloa ophiuroides

    • medium texture 
    • forms a sod
  11. Bahiagrass
    Paspolum notatum 

    • leaves are coarse 
    • prolific seed head
  12. Carpetgrass
    Axonopus affinis

    • stoloniferous 
    • native Central America
  13. Seashore paspalum
    Paspalum vaginatum 

    • medium coarse blade 
    • very salt and heat tolerant dense root system
  14. Buffalo grass
    Buchloe dactvloides

    • very drought tolerant
    • comes in sod
  15. Bermudagrass
    Cynodon dactylon 

    • most widely used turf grass
    • fine grass

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Turf grass

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