Historical Figures in Computing

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  1. Blaise Pascal
    • Invented Pascaline at age 16. First mechanical
    • calculator. Only added/subtracted. Designed for father who was an accountant.
  2. Charles Babbage
    • Father of the computer/ first computer designer.
    • Difference Engine calculated polynomials. 
    • 25,000 parts, 15 tons, and 8 feet tons. 
    • Analytical engine was planned, but not built by him; was going to use
    • punch cards. Brain is on display in museums.
  3. Augusta Ada Byron,
    the countess of Lovelace
    • Mother didn’t want her to be like her father. Mother wanted Ada to be educated. Had many
    • tutors, found out about Babbage’s work, she was involved with the creation of
    • the Analytical engine. Was the first computer programmer.
  4. George Boole
    • Boolean logic: And, Or, not. Basics behind
    • digital computer logic.  Founder of
    • computer science.
  5. Claude Shannon
    • Considered father of information theory. Worked
    • on Digital Circuit. Invented Binary Code. The Ultimate machine.
  6. J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly
    • Eckert was Mauchly’s teacher (that’s how they met). ENIAC- very, very huge Electrical
    • Number Generator, military used. . Univac- smaller, first commercial computer, US census bureau
  7. Alan Turing
    • Arrested for homosexuality. Turing machine- used
    • for turing test. Another step to the modern computer. Turing test was a way to
    • test if a computer was human-like.
  8. Grace Hopper
    • One of the first to work on “Mark I” computer.
    • Invented compiler and  COBOL computer
    • language.  Computer programmer. Came up
    • with the term “computer bug”. Annual conference named after her.
  9. John Bardeen
    Walter Brattain
    William Shockley
    • Created transistor, which replaced vacuumed
    • tubes. Improved circuitry. Ability to make things smaller.  Shockley was paranoid for no reason. Won Nobel
    • prize together. Named most important invention of the 20th century.
  10. John Backus
    • Created FORTRAN: high level programming
    • language. Was in the army. Worked for IBM.
  11. Jack St. Clair Kilby
    • Created microchip. Helped Texas Instruments
    • create the hand held calculator
  12. William Higinbotham
    • Known for making the first “video game” that was
    • played on the oscilloscope.  Wanted to be
    • known for his nuclear work, but was mainly known for the game.
  13. Ted Nelson
    Coined term "hypertext"
  14. Gordon Moore
    • Went to California Institute of Technology. Gave them lots of money. Started Intel in 1968. Created the first microprocessor. Moore’s Law:  Every 2 years, the number of transitions on
    • a microchip would double.  At some
    • point, Moore’s law will not be true anymore.
  15. Marcian Hoff
    • Helped Invent microprocessor. Microprocessors
    • are now in everything we use(Electronic wise) The first thing they used a
    • microprocessor for is a calculator.
  16. Douglas Engelbart
    Invented the first mouse.Worked on GUI- Graphical User Interference
  17. David Packard           
    Bill Hewlett
    • HP Company started in the garage. HP
    • created first pocket scientific calculator. Mainly known for printers.
  18. Gary Starkweather
    • Created first laser printer. Worked at
    • Xerox.  Worked for Apple and helped
    • create the first color management system for printers.
  19. Ray Tomlinson
    Created e-mail. Used @ sign. In 1971.
  20. Robert Metcalfe
    Invented Ethernet: Cable that connects devices.
  21. Alan Kay
    • Worked for Xerox
    • PARC. Invented “small talk” Dynabook. Created OPP programming that lets you
    • use objects that can interact with the computer without normal programming.
  22. Alan Shugart
    • Invented Floppy:        
    • 8 inch only stored 100 kb      
    • 51/4 inch held 1.2 mb       
    • 3 ½ inch 400 kb       
    • DD 720 kb
    • HD 1.44 mb
  23. Bill Gates
    Paul G. Allen
    • Invented Microsoft, Programmer guy. Met in high
    • school (Bill Gates) Created BASIC. QDOS- called it DOS and sold rights to other
    • people. Part of giving pledge.
  24. James Russell
    • Developed CD. Invented around 20 years before it
    • mass produced in the 1980’s.
  25. Adam Osborne
    • Osborne 1: First portable computer $1,795. Made
    • paperback software, got sued by Lotus and lost.
  26. Tim Berners-Lee
    • Invented “World
    • Wide Web” NOT internet. Invented HTML, URL, HTTP. Worked with bar code
    • technology. Started  W3C World Wide Web
    • Consortium.
  27. Linus Torvald
    • Linex. Alternate to windows. You can change the
    • code to personalize it. Most versions are not free.
  28. Pierre Omidyar
    • Started eBay in 1995. First item sold: Broken
    • laser pointer, $14.
  29. Jeff Bezos
    Started Amazon. Amazon was a bookstore at first, and now sells everything.
  30. Sergey Brin
    Larry Page
    • Google people. Met at Stanford, created Google
    • in 1997.  Google is ranked as one of the
    • best places to work. Google Chrome.
  31. Steve Chen
    Chad Hurley
    Jawed Karim
    • Met while working for Paypal. Created YouTube.  First YouTube video called ”Me at the Zoo”
    • in 2005.
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