478 terms ch 06

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  1. a discrete interface that converts AC
    voltages from field devices into DC signals that the processor can use.
    AC/DC I/O interface –
  2. a device that allows a process to
    be switch to either PLC or manual control.
    Bypass/control station –
  3. a discrete interface, which does
    not require an external power source, that is triggered by the change in state
    of a normally open or a normally closed contact.
    Contact output interface –
  4. a discrete module that links a processor
    with direct current field devices.
    DC I/O interface –
  5. a non-continuous signal that has a finite
    number of values.
    Digital signal –
  6. an input circuit that allows a
    PLC to receive data from digital field devices.
    Discrete input interface –
  7. an output circuit that allows a
    PLC to send data to digital field equipment.
    Discrete output interface –
  8. a unique number, assigned to each I/O device,
    that corresponds to the device’s location in the rack enclosure.
    I/O address –
  9. a plug-in assembly, containing two or more
    identical input or output circuits, that provides the connection between a
    processor and connected devices.
    I/O module –
  10. and input module in which each
    output has a separate return line; can connect field devices powered from
    different sources to one module.
    Isolated I/O interface –
  11. an enclosure, placed in the same area as the
    master rack, that contains a local I/O processor, which sends data to and from
    the central processing unit.
    Local rack –
  12. the enclosure containing the CPU or processor
    Master rack –
  13. the act of channeling two or more signals to
    one source using the same channel.
    Multiplexing –
  14. the location in a PLC that physically
    houses plug-in devices, such as I/O modules and supplementary power supplies.
    Rack enclosure –
  15. a multibit module that uses
    thumbwheel stitches to interface between discrete devices and a programmable
    Register/BCD I/O interface –
  16. a system where some or all of the I/O
    racks are mounted away from the PLC.
    Remote I/O subsystem –
  17. an enclosure, containing I/O modules and a
    remote I/O processor, located away from the CPU.
    Remote rack
  18. an electrical configuration that
    causes a device to receive current when the device is ON.
    Sinking configuration –
  19. an electrical configuration that
    causes a device to provide current when the device is ON.
    Sourcing configuration –
  20. a discrete interface that allows a controller
    to accept signals from TTL field devices, which are 5 V DC-level semiconductor
    TTL I/O interface –
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