478 terms ch 07

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  1. an input circuit that uses and
    analog-to-digital converter to translate a continuous analog signal, measured
    by an analog device, into a digital value that can be used by the processor.
    Analog input interface –
  2. an output circuit that uses a
    digital to analog converter to translate a digital value, said from the
    processor, into an analog signal that can control a connected analog device
    Analog output interface –
  3. a continuous signal that changes smoothly
    over a given range, rather than switching suddenly between certain levels as
    discrete signals do.
    Analog signal –
  4. a device that
    translates analog signals from field devices into binary numbers that can be read by the processor.
    Analog-to-digital converter –
  5. a designated path for signal.
    Channel –
  6. a signal transmission system
    where inputs and outputs have individual return lines for each channel, as
    opposed to all data running through one line.
    Differential input/output –
  7. a device that translates
    binary numbers from a processor into analog signals that field devices can
    Digital-to-analog converter –
  8. the smallest detectable increment of
    Resolution –
  9. changing analog output data to reflect engineering
    Scaling -
  10. an analog I/O connection in
    which the commons are electrically tied together resulting in only one return
    Single ended input/output –
  11. a device used to convert physical parameters,
    such as temperature, pressure, and weight into electrical signals.
    Transducer –
  12. a device that amplifies a voltage signal.
    Transmitter –
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