Improv Midterm

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  1. 4 things the point of concentration does
    • 1. helps to isolate segments of complex and overlapping theater techniques so as to thoroughly explore them
    • 2. gives the control, the artistic discipline in improvisation
    • 3. provides the student with a focus on a changing, moving single point
    • 4. singleness of focus on a moving point used in solving the problem frees the student for spontaneous action and allows for organic experience
  2. 6 parts of workshop procedures
    • 1. problem solving: focus on problem at hand
    • 2. point of concentration: focal point
    • 3. evaluation: did they achieve their goal?
    • 4. side coaching: teacher inserts brief comments into flow of a scene without interruption
    • 5. teams: chosen at random
    • 6. Presenting the problem: present quickly and simply, dont give examples or tell why
  3. Theory and foundation of play
    • 1. We learn through experience and experiencing, and no one teaches anyone anything
    • 2. Experiencing is penetration int othe environment, total organic involvement at all levels, physical, intellectual, and intuitive
  4. Talent
    what is called talented behavior is simply a greater individual capacity for experiencing
  5. intuition
    how you react to something
  6. seven aspects of spontaneity
    • 1.Games
    • 2. Approval/Dissaproval
    • 3. Group Expression
    • 4. Audience
    • 5. Theater techniques
    • 6. Carrying the learning process into daily life
    • 7. Physicalization
  7. recall
    experiene leads to emotion (seek to articulate your feelings)
  8. 5 rules of improv
    • 1. play fair (no open ended questions)
    • 2. listen, then respond
    • 3. say yes (participate fully)
    • 4. don't try tobe funny
    • 5. tell us a story
  9. process of play (3 parts)
    • 1. set up location, time, space, goal, (what is the intention)
    • 2. freedom to play and let the process happen
    • 3. de-brief; realization
  10. games
    Ingenuity and inventiveness appear to meet any crisis the game presents
  11. approval/disapproval
    the first step towards playing is Personal Freedom (freedom from approval or disapproval)
  12. group expression
    theater is an artistic group relationship demanding the talents and energy of many people. avoid comparison and competition
  13. audience
    the actor should no more forget the audience than his lines, props, or fellow actors
  14. theater techniques:
    the techniques of theater are the techniques of communicating. communication is when your intention is achieved.
  15. physicalization
    provides the student with a personal concrete experience
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