Chapter 3 terms and pathology

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  1. cutaneous
    pertaining to the skin
  2. dermal
    pertaining to the skin
  3. epidermal
    pertaining to upon the skin
  4. hypodermic
    pertaining to under the skin
  5. intradermal
    pertaining to within the skin
  6. subcutaneous
    pertaining to under the skin
  7. ungual
    pertaining to the nails
  8. dermatology
    study of the skin
  9. plastic surgery
    surgery aimed at repairing, reconstructing, and improving skin/ tissues
  10. abrasion
    skin scraped away
  11. anhidrosis
    • abnormal condition of no sweat
    • an-hidr/o-sis
  12. comedo
    blackhead, collection of sebem
  13. contusion
    physical blow that results in pain, swelling, and bruising
  14. cyanosis
    • bluish tint of the skin
    • cyan-osis
  15. diaphoresis
    profuse sweating
  16. ecchymosis
    a bruise
  17. erythema
    redness of skin
  18. erythroderma
    reddened skin
  19. eschar
    dead tissue and tissue fluid from a burn
  20. fissure
    crack groove on the skin
  21. hirsuitism
    excessive hair growth
  22. hyperemia
    redness of skin
  23. hyperhidrosis
    excessive sewat
  24. hyperpigmentation
    abnormal amount of skin pigment
  25. ichthyoderma
    condition of having scaly and dry skin
  26. pallor
  27. onychomalacia
    softening of nails
  28. nodule
    firm solid mass of cells in the skin
  29. nevus
    pigmented skin blemish, mole, or birthmark
  30. necrosis
  31. macule
    flat area of skin with discoloration
  32. lipoma
    fatty mass
  33. leukoderma
    absence of skin pigment, white skin
  34. papule
    small raised spot
  35. petechiae
    tiny hemorrhages under the skin
  36. pruritis
    severe itching
  37. purpura
    hemorrhage in skin due to fragile blood vessels
  38. purulent
    contains pus
  39. pustule
    raised spot containing pus
  40. pyoderma
    condition of pus in the skin
  41. scleroderma
    hardened skin
  42. seborrhea
    oily discharge
  43. vesicle
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