Patho Quiz 7- part 2

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  1. papilla of vater
    where the pancreas and liver empty into the duodenum
  2. kupffer cells
    phagocytosis particulate matter present in the blood
  3. canaliculi
    carry bile into the gallbladder
  4. Cytochrome p450
    first step in the clearance of many drugs
  5. hepatitis
    infections, autoimmune disease, drug reactions, alcohol, and obesity
  6. cirrhosis
    severe scarring of the liver
  7. biliary colic
    acute cholecystitis or obstruction of the bilairy ductal system by sones
  8. steatorrhea
    passage of greasy, smelly stools that often float in the toilet water
  9. ERCP
    combines direct visualization of the duodenum with radiography
  10. biliary atresia
    progressive obstruction of the extrahepatic biliary tree in the first 3 months of life
  11. halothane
    can cause development of very severe massive necrosis of hepatocytes
  12. steatosis
    accumulation of fat in hepatocytes
  13. steatohepatitis
    inflammation with steatosis which cause necrosis of hepatocytes
  14. enzymatic necrosis
    powerful digestive enzymes produced escape from the cells or ducts to digest the pancreas itself and surrounding adipose tissue
  15. pseudocytstis
    cavitary lesion filled with necrotic debris
  16. hemorrhagic pancreatitis
    bleeding into the pseudocytst or into damaged pancreatic tissue
  17. chonagiocarcinoma
    gallbladder cancer and cancer of the intrahepatic biliary tree which is usually fatal
  18. portal hypertension
    increased BP in the portal vein resulting from increased resistance to flow through damaged veins in the liver
  19. hepatic encephalopathy
    • depression of the central nervous system, resulting in stupor and coma
    • caused by hyperammonemia
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