Planning 2005 Jan 30

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  1. What are the four pillars of development?
    • Transit Linked Communities
    • Growth Centres
    • Natural Environment and Heritage
    • Fiscally Sustainable Economy
  2. Explain the Traditional Subdivision Layout
    Lots of road - accomodate few houses
  3. Explain Open Space Design Layout
    • Much nature left undisturbed for "open space"
    • Allows for natural corridorssmaller units/shared septic
  4. Explain Pillar 1 Natural Environment & Heritage
    • Open space and natural resources
    • Watershed analysisWatercourse buffers
    • Regulations to reduce coastal flood risk
    • Strengthen protection for heritage buildings accross the Region
  5. Explain Pillar 2 Growth Centres
    • Walking/transit emphasis
    • Neighborhood stability
    • Clarity of development regulations
  6. Why A Regional Plan?
    • Avoid $250 Million in municipal costs
    • Position HRM for Federal Funding
    • Support national agenda for communities
    • Reduce Environmental Degredation
    • Invest for Strong economy
    • Respond to citizens Priorities
  7. What are the four types of Growth Centres
    • Regional Centre
    • District Centres
    • Local Centres
    • Rural Commuter Centres
  8. Explain Pillar 3 Transit Linked Communities
    • Emphasis on Transit
    • Focus on Metro Link
    • New Roads
    • Growth Controls - Hammonds Plains
  9. Explain Pillar 4 Fiscally sustainable economy
    • Avoid 250million$ in costs
    • Reduce land consumption and street costs
    • More homes on piped services
    • Economic strategy implementation
    • Planning for Capital district, Hali Harbour and Buisness Parks
  10. What are Urban Reserves
    Lands situated outside the Urban Settlement Designation where central services may eventually be provide.
  11. What is the Rural Resource Designation
    • Areas isolated from Halifax but within HRM. Too far away to commute
    • Intent is to protect the natural resource base and the natural feature
  12. What is the Rural Commuter Designation
    Rural areas within commuting distance of the Regional CentureHeavily influenced by low density residential developmentIntent of designation is to protect the character of rural communities and conserve open space and natural resources.
  13. Halifax Harbour Designation
    • Area around the harbour
    • Intent is to support development
  14. What are the four types of growth centres
    • Regional Centre
    • District Centres
    • Local Centres
    • Rural Commuter Centers
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