#2 Planning 2005 Feb 6

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  1. What are the 5 points of the Downtown Halifax Plan
    • a. Vision
    • b. Design
    • c. Height
    • d. Heritage
    • e. Process
  2. What is Project Genesis
    Community led 25 year vision plan
  3. What was done in the Public Engagement process of the Fall River Vision and Action Plan?
    • Design Charette
    • Housing Survey
    • Workshops
    • Public Meetings
    • Committee¬†Meetings
    • Special Meetings
  4. What policies regulate design frameworks/heights of buildings
    Policies 2,3,4,10,11
  5. What are Form Based Codes
    Achieve a specific urban formCreate a predictable public realmprimarily control physical formLesser foucs on land use
  6. How does the HRM bring about Housing diversity
    1 out of 4 units must have 2 or more bedroomsBonus zoning encourages 3 or more bedroom unites
  7. How does the HRM bring about housing Affordability
    • No minium unit size
    • No maximum residential density
    • No minium parking requirement
    • Reduced cost housing on publicly owned lands
    • Housing Affordability Functional Plan
  8. How does HRM bring about Sustainability
    • Increase density
    • Bonus zoning encourages green buildings
    • Establish LEED or similar standards for all publicly owned land
  9. How does HRM address building heights
    • Currently a lack of clarity and predictability on building height maximums
    • Allow sunlight penetration and sky views
    • Uphold view plains
  10. How does the HRM address Transportation and Parking
    • Sustainable transportation options
    • Improve public transit
  11. How does the HRM address Heritage Protection?
    • Heritage conservation districts (HCD)
    • Bonus zoning promoting heritage conservation
    • Maximum building heights in HCD (22m)
    • leverage/support private development in barrington street
  12. What is Design Review Committee
    10 members appointed by council to review designs architects, planners, engineers, residents
  13. What is an exception to the height rule?
    Development projects with highly significant benefits for the downtown and HRM at large that exceed the maximum height or building mass may be proposed from time to time.
  14. What were the 4 visions of the River Lakes Planning Strategy
    • 1. Maintain the rural village atmosphere and character of area
    • 2. Provide opportunities for alternative housing forms
    • 3. Foster the development of a socially cohesive community
    • 4. Protect the natural and cultural assets of the communities
  15. What is the No Net Increase Phosphorus Loading Policy? (R-LSPS)
    • Phosphorus export coefficient study required for pre and post development
    • No net increase in phosphorus over current levels
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