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  1. Which group fileshare
    areas do you need access to , so you can perform your work?
    • UIN
    • Atlas Sitemoves database
  2. What type of Citrix
    access do you need to perform your work?
    • Server
    • Rights
  3. How do you map to
    network drive?
    • Right
    • Click on My Computer Icon> Select map network drive
  4. What does DFS stand for
    • Distributed
    • File System
  5. What does QARS stand
    • Quest
    • Active Role Server
  6. How do you find out what
    server is used for a site within QARS?
  7. How would you check if a
    server is offline?
    • From
    • Citrix>Start>Run>CMD >Ping server name
  8. Does an account need to be disabled during a
    Site Move and why?
    • Yes,
    • This will stop user from accessing as it may cause data corruption is accessed
    • during move
  9. What does EUN stand ?
    • Electronic
    • Unit Name
  10. What areas on the change
    order requests must be checked before actioning a site move?
  11. How do find which DFS
    Server is linked to an users account?
    • Open
    • user in Active Directory >Oblject Advance properties> folder pathname
  12. What is Attribute 10
    used for ?
  13. What command is executed
    to copy the data between the source and destination locations? (This would
    occur when pressing 3 within User Moves )?
  14. Please name option 5 within
    User Moves?
    • Check
    • the DFS links listed are all for the user new site
  15. How do you gain access
    to the User Moves tool?
    • Execute
    • the file mu.vbs.bat
  16. You are asked by the
    agent who has checked management history and user has gone through a Site
    move, but does not know the change number. You have only the users PUID
    how would you find the change reference?
  17. After the rename task,
    what are the folders at the source site renamed to?
  18. What tasks are run in
    User Moves when you’re doing a Data Move task?
    • 2, 3,
    • 4,5 ,   7
  19. Single user account has
    two main folders what are they?
    • Userdata 
    • Profile
  20. Why are the folders
    renamed after the user data has been moved?
    • To
    • stop data loss
  21. What name is given to
    the file which is used to import data in to the site Moves tool, what is
    the naming convention once saved?
    • m.txt file  which is
    • normally saved in format  xxxxxxm.txt  where xxxxxx is Change number
  22. What steps would you
    take if after running a data move you receive the error “User data not
    • Check both servers at
    • source and destination are active by carrying out ping
  23. What would be the first
    thing check when opening up a new site move change?

    (This is in relation to the change, and how you are
    first to decide if you should proceed or not.)
    Scheduled Date and Time
  24. If you receive the error
    “Home folder source and profile paths match” on the 2nd task,
    Validating Provisioning. There are two things this could mean?
    • Incorrect
    • provisioning?
  25. Under what circumstances
    can an Occasional user be associated to a role?
    • Possible
    • on some sites eg RAF Waddington
  26. You receive a request
    that references an Atlas role. How would you initially proceed?
    • MCT
    • cannot action Atlas accounts speak to Team Manager
  27. Why would you receive
    “Error 107” during folder rename?
    • If
    • User is accessing files within a folder that is being moved( should this NOT be
    • prevented)
  28. How do you check the
    user’s current DFS links?
    • Load
    • an MMC and distributed file system  Snap in. Show root of the DFS server
    • name> Filter links
  29. How many days pass
    before it’s impossible to confirm a back up?
    • 14
    • days
  30. It’s now past the X
    number of days that can pass before verifying a back up task. How would
    now proceed with this task?
    Go Straight to delete
  31. The role action is set
    to “KEEP” yet no role is listed. How would you proceed?
    • Leave
    • the role out of the change and process as normal without role
  32. How would you “force” a copy complete?
    • Press
    • “3F” in the user moves
  33. How would you undo a
    folder rename?
    • Press
    • “4U” This will remove(“.moved”)
  34. On a site move what is
    the maximum amount of data that can be moved for an occasional user?
    • 220Mb
    • (double check as this should for standard user)( 70Mb for standard)???
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