History: North and South

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  1. How were slaves motivated?
    By Fear
  2. (Usually a white man) and managed all slaves of slaves on the plantation
  3. (Usually a black man or a slave) managed individual work gangs
  4. Why was the job of the driver difficult?
    They had to handle the whip and make sure the slaves did the work. If they didn't do their job they got punished.
  5. Southern Attitudes on Slavery:
    Why did southerners oppose slavery?
    • Economic reasons:
    • In the long run they would have been worse off having slaves. They should have industrialized.
  6. Southern Attitudes on Slavery:
    Why did southerners support slavery?
    • Cheap Labor-cotton was a lot of work
    • Racial superiority-they liked having someone underneath them in the social ladder.
  7. What was the benefit for non-slaveholding whites to support the institution of slavery?
    If slavery did not exist then poor whites would not be able to grow in society
  8. What were the treatment of slaves like?
    • Little food, shelter, and clothing
    • No medical care
    • Slaves had no rights
  9. Why weren't there more slave uprisings?
    • Slaves were:
    • Scared
    • Uneducated
    • Brainwashed by their masters that there was nothing more than life on the plantation
    • They had a lack of communication between each other.
  10. What were 3 examples of Slave Resistance?
    -Give details and how effective each one was
    Slave revolts-Hard to organize (not very effective)

    • Escaping-(not very effective) Southerners had a good system to catch runaway slaves
    • Slowing down production-(effective) They would sabotage farm equipment or crops, &work slower on purpose
  11. Why were the Irish treated so badly?
    They worked at a very low wage and took jobs from native born americans.
  12. Why weren't the German Immigrants treated as bad as the Irish?
    They came to America with money in their pockets and didn't take jobs away from people.
  13. A secret, anti immigration organization. Otherwise called the American Party.
    The Know-Nothings
  14. What countries did the first great wave of immigrants come from?
    Ireland and Germany
  15. What did the demand for cotton do?
    Encouraged many American Farmers to grow cotton
  16. Slavery was almost going to end until what was created?
    The cotton gin
  17. Cotton became so important to the economy of the South that people called it what...
    King Cotton
  18. What was the cash crop?
  19. Who led a rebellion against slavery in Southampton County, Virgnia?
    Nat Turner
  20. These were sung during work, relaxation, and worship. It gave the slaves some hope.
  21. What was a major aspect of slave life?
  22. What's another word for small farmers?
    Yeoman farmers
  23. What were the 5 social classes?
    • Rich planters
    • Small Farmers
    • Poor whites
    • Free blacks
    • Slaves
  24. What type of Social Class develops during this time period, in the city?
    The middle class
  25. Where did city dwellers live?
    In tenements
  26. Agreement under which Missouri was admitted to the Union as a slave state and Maine was to be admitted as a free state
    Missouri Compromise
  27. What were the roles of the Families of the Middle Class?(3)
    • The women stayed home
    • The men worked
    • The kids went to school
  28. What percent of slaves lived on plantations?
  29. What percent of slaves lived in Mississippi?
  30. What's an example of what is NOT a pro-slave argument?
    Slavery is incompatible with the American Spirit of Freedom
  31. It solved the problem of separating the seed from the cotton and made the large-sclae production of cotton, possible.
    Cotton gin
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