Session 4

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  1. In what stage does a WO actually get released to the shop floor?
    PAC - Production Activity Control
  2. What must be done to keep priorities current?
    • react to changes in supply and demand
    • expedite, de-expedite, add, cancel, or change planned orders
  3. Where do most MRP process inputs, outputs, and calculations occur?
    Inside a computer through an MRP program.
  4. What are 4 major data inputs to the MRP process?
    • MPS
    • Product structure file
    • Inventory record file
    • Item master file
  5. What is an "item master file"?
    • It contains planning factors such as
    •    Lot size
    •    Lead time
    •    Yield and scrap factors
    •    Safety stock
  6. A Planner does what 2 main things?
    • release the purchase orders to suppliers
    • release manufacturing orders, or shop orders, to the factory
  7. What does planning software do?
    • plan for the release and receipt of priority plan
    • updates the priority plan
  8. What are some calculations done by Planning Software?
    • Exploding BOMs
    • Checking inventory
    • Offsetting order release and receipt dates
    • Keeps track of due dates in the priority plan and the status of materials and production
    • replans MRP
  9. What is the major building block of MRP?
    BOM data.
  10. What is a planning bill?
    Plans material requirements for a family of end products.
  11. What is a where-used report?
    • A where-used report lists all of the items, or parents, in which a component is used.
    • The opposite of a BOM.
  12. What are 4 uses of "where-used" reports?
    • identifying the parent items affected by an engineering change
    • assessing the aggregate impact of costing changes for a component
    • assessing the effects of component scarcity and setting allocations priorities
    • assessing the benefits and costs of standarizing similar components
  13. What are 5 things shown in a Pegging report?
    • the parents creating demand for components
    • the quanities required
    • when those quantities are required
    • where-used logic to identify current sources of demand
    • may be single level or multilevel
  14. What is exploding?
    The process of determining the total of each component needed for a parent.
  15. What is a firm planned order?
    Tool that enables the planner to override the MRP logic.
  16. What does a Planned Order become when it is released?
    An open order.
  17. What are some events affecting the priority plan?
    • External - 
    •   Changes to customer orders
    •   Supplier shortages
    •   Late deliveries from supplier

    • Internal -
    •   Lower yields or higher scrap factors than planned
    •   Late or early open order completions
    •   Capacity or resource shortages
    •   Material shortages casued by inventory record inaccuracies
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