Types of Circuits in Closed Systems

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  1. a.     Single type circulation
    - blood flow
    •                                                               i.      Only deoxygenated blood flows through the heart
    • 1.      Oxygenated blood never flows through heart
  2.                                                               i.      Animals with this circuit have __ to their heart
    1.      There is an __and a __with an __ between it
    2.      Examples: __
    • two chambers
    • atrium
    • ventricle
    • atrioventricular valve
    • are most fish
  3. a.      Double type
    Blood flow
    •                                                               i.      Both oxygenated and deoxygenated flowing through heart
    • 1.      That’s the reason why it’s called double, because there are two circuits
  4. What are the two types of circuits in double type?
    pulmonary and systemic
  5. Double type--> pulmonary circuit
    • 1.      Carries deoxygenated blood to the respiratory organs
    • a.      Heartà respiratory organsà heart
    • Function: oxygenation
  6. Double System: Systemic Circuit
    • 1.      Taking oxygenated blood from the heart to all the tissues of the body where the tissues will take the oxygen and nutrients, etc. and dump off CO2 and bring that blood back to heart
    • 2.      Heartà tissuesà heart
    • 3.      Function: bring oxygenated blood and other nutrients to the tissues
  7. In double circulation, there are __ and __ chambered organisms.
    3 adn 4
  8. Explain three-chambered.
    • a.      Two atria, one ventricle, two AV valves
    • b.      Ex: lung fish (dipnoan), amphibian, and most reptiles, except crocs and alligators
  9. Explain four-chambered.
    • a.      Two atria, two ventricles, two AV valves
    • b.      Ex: crocs, alligators, all birds, all mammals
  10. circuit review of double system
    •                                                               i.      Pulmonary:
    • 1.      Heartà respiratory organà oxygenated blood
    •                                                             ii.      Systemic:
    • 1.      Heartà tissues of body à bring oxygen to tissues
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