chapter 7

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  1. can also be used to determine the number of atoms present in a specific mass of an element
    atomic mass
  2. mass of a single atom of that element
    atomic mass written under the symbol on the periodic table
  3. sum of the atomic masses of all the atoms in its formula
    formula mass
  4. particles such as atoms, molecules, and ions are counted by the
  5. the unit of mole contains
    6.022X10 to the 23 power items
  6. the number of items in a mole, equal to 6.022X10 23 power
    avogadros number
  7. a group of atoms, molecules, or formula units that contain 6.022X10 23 power of items
  8. group of ions given by the formula of an ionic compound
    formula units
  9. quanitity in grams that equals the atomic mass of that element
    molar mass
  10. to determine the molar mass of a compound
    muliply the molar mass of each element by its subscript in the formula and add the results
  11. used to change from moles of a substance to grams or from grams to moles
    molar mass
  12. mass percent of each element present
    percent composition
  13. the actural or true formulas of compounds
    molecular formulas
  14. formula that represents the lowest whole-number ration of the atoms in a compound
    empirical formula
  15. the percent by mass of the elements in a formula
    percent composition
  16. atom which forms the most bonds
    central atom
  17. - (dash)=
    2 dots or 2 electrons
  18. the ability of an atom to attract valence electrons
  19. electronegativity of 0.5-1.7
  20. electronegativity of 0-0.4
  21. electronegativity = to or greater than 1.8
  22. nonsymetrical
  23. symtetrical
  24. sum of atomic mass (weight) of all atoms in its formula
    formula mass
  25. round addition and subtraction answers to lowest number of
    decimal places
  26. round multiplication and division answers to lowest number of
    sig figs
  27. a unit that contains 6.022X10 to the 23 power number of items or particles (atom,moleculs, ions)
  28. given particles------find number of moles
  29. given moles-------------find number of particle
  30. contain two atoms
    diatomic element
  31. list the diatomic elements
    • Hydrogen
    • Nitrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Fluorine
    • Chlorine
    • Bromine
    • Iodine

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