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  1. What is the difference between line and rope?
    Line is measured by circumference and rope by diameter
  2. What is the benefit of synthetic mooring lines?
    3 times stronger, but more dangerous due to elasticity
  3. What kind of anchor does the Nimitz use? It's weight?
    • MK2 stockless
    • 60,000 LBS/30 tons
  4. How many feet are in one fathom?
  5. How many fathoms are in a shot of chain?
    15 fathoms
  6. How many shots are in a chain?
    12 shots
  7. How much does each link in the anchor chain weigh?
    360 lbs
  8. What is a monkey first?
    The weighted end if a heaving line
  9. What does the anchor windlass do?
    Heaves and lowers the bow anchor
  10. What is a Hawser?
    A line more than 5 inches in circumference
  11. How many people are required to be on the boat Davit to launch a RHIB?
  12. What is small stuff or marlin?
    Fiber line less than 1 3/4 inch in diameter
  13. How many mooring lines are on Nimitz?
  14. What is a breast line?
    Keeps the ship alongside the pier
  15. What is a spring line?
    Keeps the ship from moving forward and aft
  16. What are 2 types of UNREP?
    • Vertrep
    • Conrep
  17. How many transfer stations are onboard Nimitz?
  18. Why do we always shoot the lines during a CONREP?
    So as not to damage our aircraft
  19. What is STREAM?
    Standard tension replenishment alongside method
  20. Describe the lifeboats aboard Nimitz.
    • 252 total
    • MK6
    • Enough for 110% of the crew
  21. What is the color of the danger shot?
  22. How many storm lines does Nimit have and where are they located?
    • 2
    • One on the fantail
    • One on the foc'sle
  23. What is the purpose of the tattletale?
    Help you identify the line is on maximum strength level and reached its safe working load
  24. What is chaffing gear used for?
    Canvas, line or other material placed around mooring lines to prevent wear and tear o the lines
  25. What color is the caution shot?
  26. What is the anchor bouy used for?
    Locate the anchors position
  27. Name 2 stoppers that are used to hold the anchor chain.
    • Riding stopper
    • Housing stopper
    • Storm stopper
  28. How many RHIBs do we have onboard Nimitz and which is primary?
    • 2
    • One port, one starboard
    • Starboard is primary
  29. What does RHIB stand for?
    Rigid hull inflatable boat
  30. What is the maximum capacity of the RHIB?
    18 personnel
  31. What is the length if the RHIB?
    7 meters
  32. Name the RHIB personnel
    • Coxswain - CO of the RHIB
    • Bowhook/SAR swimmer
    • Boat officer
    • Boat engineer/stern hook
  33. What are monkey lines?
    Lines used to support 75% of your body weight when raising and lowering the RHIB
  34. Who is in charge of the boat deck and what color hard hat do they wear?
    • Davit captain
    • Yellow
  35. What is the B&A crane and where is it located?
    • To pickup downed aircraft in the water
    • Located on the flight deck aft of ACE 3
  36. What are the 3 types of man overboard recoveries and which is primary?
    • Helicopter - primary
    • Boat
    • Shipboard
  37. Who orders abandon ship?
    The CO
  38. What are the colors of the phone and distance line?
    • Green
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • White
    • Green
  39. How long is the phone and distance line?
    300 feet
  40. How long is the star messenger?
    800 feet
  41. How many double probe fueling stations do we have? What are they?
    • 3 total
    • 5, 11, & 13
  42. How many sliding padeye stations do we have? What are they?
    • 4 total
    • 7, 9, 17, & 19
  43. Where are padeye stations 17 and 19 located?
    Hangerbay 3, ACE 3
  44. What is the purpose of the stern dock?
    It serves as an embarkation and debarkation of personnel while ship is at anchor
  45. What is station 21 used for?
    Send fuel to another ship
  46. How many personnel can be in the RHIB when lowering/raising the Davit to/from the water?
    • 5 down
    • 6 up
  47. What type of Davit do we use?
    Vest davit
  48. How many steadying lines does a RHIB have?
    • 4
    • 2 fwd, 2 aft
  49. What color chemical lights do we use for night UNREP?
  50. Hardhat color: rig captain
  51. Hardhat color: signalman
  52. Hardhat color: GMs
  53. Hardhat color: safety
    White w/ green cross
  54. Hardhat color: medical
    White w/ red cross
  55. Hardhat color: riggers/line handlers
  56. Hardhat color: phone talker
    Green kevlar
  57. Hardhat color: deck safety E6 and up
  58. What is the purpose of the sea painter?
    • Used as a tow line
    • Keeps the RHIB alongside the ship while in the water
  59. What material is the hull of the RHIB made of?
    Glass reinforced plastic
  60. When are sea and anchor times?
    • Pull in/out
    • UNREP
    • Anchoring
  61. What is the overall length of the ship?
    1115' 4"
  62. What is the ships displacement?
    95k tons
  63. What is the navigational draft of USS Nimitz?
    37' 6"
  64. What does cast off mean?
    Let go of the line
  65. What does avast mean?
    Stop heaving around
  66. What does heave around mean?
    Bring in the line
  67. What is the purpose of a chock?
    A fitting through which the anchor or mooring lines are led. Usually "U" shaped to prevent chaffing
  68. What is a bollard used for?
    To hold mooring lines
  69. What are bitts used for?
    Metal post, fastened in a vertical position on the deck to which morning lines are secured
  70. What does Romeo at the dip mean?
    • Flown by delivery ship
    • Preparing to receive you along side
  71. What is the bullnose and where is it located?
    • A closed chock at the bow
    • Forward most part if the foc'sle
  72. What is the pelican hook?
    A quick release device made in various sizes
  73. What is the wildcat?
    The drum part of the anchor windlass that engages and moves the anchor chain
  74. What is mousing?
    Seizing a line across a hook to prevent a sling from slipping off
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