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  1. What are the 4 phases of the basic steam cycle?
    • Generation
    • Expansion
    • Condensation
    • Feed
  2. How many propellers does Nimitz have?
    4; 22ft diameter
  3. Define HP air.
    3k-5k psi. Used for weapons elevators, aircraft elevators, and JBDs
  4. Define LP air.
    100-125 psi; used for pneumatic tools
  5. What is the purpose of the ships electrical distribution system?
    To provide 60Hz, 115VAC power for loads
  6. How many A/C plants do we have onboard and what type?
    10 - York 363 ton
  7. How many refrigeration plants are onboard?
    5 - York 10 ton
  8. What is the purpose of degaussing?
    To reduce the magnetic signature of the ship.
  9. What are the four modes of steering?
    • Autopilot
    • Hand electric
    • Emergency
    • Manual
  10. How many HPACs do we have onboard?
  11. How many LPACs do we have onboard?
  12. What does CHT stand for? How many tanks?
    Collection, holding, and transfer. 5 total
  13. How many list control tanks do we have onboard and how many pumps? Where are the pumps located?
    • 10 tanks
    • 2 pumps - 4A shaft alley
  14. Where is aft steering located?
    3rd deck back aft port and starboard side
  15. What colors do you see on the piping in aft steering?
    Orange and gray
  16. List the 4 major components of the refrigeration cycle
    • Compressor
    • Condenser
    • Thermal expansion valve
    • Evaporator
  17. What type of refrigerant do we use in the A/Cs?
  18. What type of refrigerant is used in the refrigeration units?
  19. What is the primary and secondary purposes if the A/C units?
    • Primary - cool vital equipment and radars
    • Secondary - comfort of the crew
  20. What type of catapulted system is used onboard Nimitz? What is its advantage?
    • Wet accumulator type
    • Faster recovery time
  21. What does CSC stand for?
    Catapult supervisory control
  22. How is a fire extinguished in the catapult trough?
    Steam smothering
  23. Where are the CHT tanks located?
    • 3 fwd
    • 1 midship
    • 1 aft
  24. What are the 3 modes of operation for CHT?
    • Inport
    • At-sea
    • Transfer
  25. What type of gas is dangerous to inhale from CHT?
    Hydrogen sulfide
  26. What does lox and lin stand for?
    • Liquid oxygen
    • Liquid nitrogen
  27. What is lox used for?
    Aviators breathing oxygen
  28. What is gaseous oxygen used for?
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Welders
  29. What is lin used for?
    Wart removal by medical
  30. What is gaseous nitrogen used for?
    • Inflate tired
    • Weapons
    • Seat ejection shop
  31. What are the 4 pieces of PPE required to be worn when working with lox or lin?
    • Face shield
    • Lox coveralls
    • Leather gloves
    • Lox boots
  32. How many degaussing coils are there and what are they?
    • 4
    • A-coil
    • M-coil
    • FP QP
    • FI QI
  33. Where is the degaussing switchboard located and the remote switchboard?
    • 3-115-2-Q
    • Remote located in the chart room 09 lvl
  34. What is the football field in DC Central?
    Panel that shows the status of what fire pumps are running. Also includes firemain pressure
  35. What is contained in the engineering log?
    • Engineering plant conditions
    • Engine miles steamed in a day
    • Draft/displacement
  36. What is the daily boat report?
    A daily report to the CO stating the status of all the small boats
  37. Name 4 engineering watches in DCC
    • List control
    • CEW
    • CAO
    • Damage control watch supervisor
  38. What locations can you steer the ship from?
    • Port and starboard aft steering
    • Pilot house
    • DCC - secondary control
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