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  1. What is latitude?
    Lines running north to south from the equators
  2. What is longitude?
    Lines running east to west from Greenwich meridian
  3. Define true bearing
    True north that an object is from the ship
  4. What's does GPS stand for?
    Global Positioning System
  5. Where is Nimitz pivot point?
    Between the island and the forward JBDs
  6. What is a stadimeter?
    Used to compute distance to an object if objects height is known
  7. What is a sextant?
    Used to measure angles between 2 objects
  8. What is a Fathometer? Where is it located?
    • Used to compute the distance from the bottom of the keel to the ocean floor
    • Located in the chart room 09 lvl
  9. What is dead reckoning?
    Means of estimating your future position based on current course and speeds without regards to set and drift
  10. What are the 6 bridge watch standers and their responsibilities?
    • OOD - safety of the ship and crew
    • Conning officer - assistant to OOD, orders course and speed
    • BMOW - assistant to the OOD, carries out the ships plan of the day
    • QMOW - representative of the navigator underway, assistant to the OOD and responsible for safe navigation
    • Helmsman - steers the ship
    • Lee helmsman - controls speed of the ship
  11. What 3 ways can signalman communicate by visually?
    • Flag hoist
    • Flashing lights
    • Semaphore
  12. Who wears a yellow hat in the pilot house?
  13. What does VMS stand for?
    Voyage management system
  14. What does LOP stand for and what is it?
    • Line of position
    • Bearing or range to an object
  15. What is set?
    Direction the ship is being pushed by an outside force
  16. What is DIW?
    Dead in water
  17. What is a chronometer? Where is it located?
    • Navigational time piece
    • 3 of them are located in the chart room 09 lvl
  18. What is drift?
    Amount of force measured in knots at which the ship is being set
  19. What does ECDIS stand for?
    Electronic chart display and information system
  20. What is advance an transfer?
    • Advance - the distance gained in the ships original direction after the rudder is put over
    • Transfer - the distance gained at right angles after the udder is put over
  21. What is the pivot point?
    The point on the ship at which it turns
  22. What is a fix?
    3 or more LOPs which pinpoint a ships position
  23. What is relative bearing?
    LOP to an object in relation to the ship (bow = 0 degree mark)
  24. What are two ways to attain a ships position? Which is primary?
    • Electronically
    • Visually - primary
  25. Define head on
    2 ships heading towards each other bow to bow
  26. Define crossing
    When one vessel crosses the bow of another at a perpendicular angle
  27. Define overtaking?
    Coming up on another vessel from a direction more than 22.5 degrees abaft her beam
  28. Define stand on
    Stand on vessel will maintain their course and speed
  29. Define give way
    The give way vessel will alter their course and speed
  30. What is a telescopic alidade?
    Navigational tool used by bearing takers to give visual LOPs to an object
  31. What is a PMP?
    • Parallel motion protractor
    • A navigational drafting tool used to draw courses and LOPs
  32. What is the gyrocompass?
    A compass that gives true north heading
  33. What is GMT?
    Greenwich mean time (Zulu +/- 0)
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