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  1. What are the four types of communication on poolside?
    • 1. Whistle
    • 2. Verbal
    • 3. Hand signals
    • 4. Alarms
  2. Give three causes of hypothermia?
    • 1. Exhaustion
    • 2. Intoxication from drugs or alcohol
    • 3. Immobilisation caused by injury or accident
    • 4. Immersion in cold water/long periods in cool water
    • 5. Cold weather conditions
  3. When lifeguarding, what is it important to remember?
    Your actions or inactions will impact on the development of an emergency and outcome.
  4. What is HSG 179 also known as?
    Managing health and safety in swimming pools
  5. What three key pieces of information will you be able to get from a pulse check?
    • 1. Rate (beats per minute)
    • 2. Strength (strong or weak)
    • 3. Rhythm (regular or irregular)
  6. What is a greenstick?
    A type of fracture more commonly found in young children. Can be mistaken for a sprain or strain.
  7. What does BSI stand for?
    • British standards institute.
    • Provide guidance on an agreed way of doing something, ie what should be in a first aid box.
  8. What is an algorithm?
    A process or set of rules to be followed. ie process map for use of AED (page 172)
  9. What is the minimum age for AED use?
    • Special child pads 1-8 years.
    • 8 years for adult pads.
  10. What is a immersion protection rating?
    Whether an AED can be used in a wet enviroment.
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