Exam 1 - Chapter 4 - The Christian Worldview

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  1. Religion and Worldview:
    All religions can be understood in six dimensions:
    • Sacred Narrative
    • Doctrine
    • Ritual
    • Social and institutional expression
    • Experience
    • Ethics
  2. Halverson - Worldview definition:
    A comprehensive view of reality in terms of which one attempt to understand and 'place' everything that comes before one's consciousness.
  3. Worldviews can be held at:
    • Various levels of certainty and commitment
    • Various degrees of integrity and consistency
  4. The Christian worldview aims at...
    Biblical truth.
  5. We cannot defend something of which...
    we are ignorant.
  6. Source of Ultimate Authority:
    • The Scriptures¬†
    • (properly interpreted and applied)
  7. The ultimate source of all truth is...
    • God
    • (whether recorded in Scripture or not)
  8. Epistemology
    How we know what we know.
  9. We are personal beings who can detect...
    God's fingerprints in creation and his voice in conscience and through Scripture.
  10. Objective truth is...
  11. In a nutshell, the Christian worldview can be organized in three broad categories:
    • Creation¬†
    • Fall
    • Redemption
  12. Unitarian monotheism
    • Judaism
    • Islam
    • Unitarianism
  13. Christian metaphysics allows for...
    No property, power or principle deeper than that of the divine person himself.
  14. God is one with respect to _____________, but God is three with respect to _______________.
    • deity (Godhead)
    • persons (Trinity)
  15. While God is essentially __________ and _______, his is no less _________ or __________.
    • invisible - immaterial
    • personal - relational
  16. Chesterton's quip: "It is not God...
    for God to be alone."
  17. The loudest and oddest question mark in the cosmos is...
  18. Humans are more like _________ than anything in the universe, bu they fall short of the _______.
    • God
    • Divine majesty
  19. "Original Sin"
    A constitutional corruption that has been passed down to every human being (except Jesus).
  20. Humans are the only part of the universe that can...
    • consciously return praise to God
    • curse our Maker
  21. C.S. Lewis:  "There are only two kinds of people in the end:
    • those who say to God, 'Thy will be done'
    • those to whom God says, 'thy will be done'
  22. Ethics is anchored in...
    the reality of a personal and moral God who is free to interact with his creation in order to impact moral knowledge.
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