Plant Tissues: Meristematic

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  1. What are the divisions?
    • Simple vs Complex
    • Single cell type or variety of cells
    • Meristematic vs Permanent
    • Immature cells with region of active cell division vs mature, differentiated cells
  2. Classification of Tissue Systems
    • Fundamental or Ground System
    • Dermal System
    • Vascular System
  3. Meristematic Tissues
    - Cells exhibit a great deal of __.
    - Give rise to __.
    - Located where?
    What are the types?
    • variation
    • new tissue

    • Tips of roots and stems: apical meristem (increase in length of plant body)
    • Periphery of roots and stems:lateral meristem (increase in girth of plant body)
    • Primary tissue growth comes from apical meristem
    • Secondary tissue growth of woody plants is derived from lateral meristem( vascular and cork cambium)
  4. Permanent Tissue Systems:
    fundamental, dermal and vascular
    Characteristics (what are they? components? defined as..? types?
    • Generally simple tissues
    • Components of vascular tissue systems
    • Often defined as those tissues that are neither dermal or vascular
    • Major types:
    • Parenchyma
    • Collenchyma
    • Sclerenchyma
  6. Parenchyma
    consists of?
    • Located in roots, stems ,leaves
    • Consists primarily of parenchymal cellsRelatively unspecialized, variable shaped cells with large vacuolesThin, primary cell wall; generally no secondary wallAlive at maturity
  7. Parenchyma
    • Capable of mitosis (may take on meristematic activity in some instances)
    • Play a role in wound healing and regeneration
    • Metabolic activity(photosynthesis, respiration), storage and conduction
  8. Collenchyma
    (General, functions, cells)
    • Most commonly located in stems (beneath epidermis) in ribs, and along veins
    • Functions: support of primary plant body
    • Collenchyma Cells
    • Alive at maturity
    • Elongated cells with primary cell walls that are irregularly thickened at corners
  9. Schlerenchyma
    (characteristic, location)
    • More specialized than the other two fundamental tissues
    • Located in cortex of stems, often associated with veins
  10. Schlerenchyma
    • Most cells are dead at maturity
    • Cells have uniformly thickened, lignified secondary cell walls
    • Two types of Cells:
    • Fibers and Sclerids
  11. Sclerenchyma
    • Fibers: elongated cells with tapered ends
    • Most often associated with xylem and phloem
    • Functions in support
  12. Sclerenchyma
    • Sclerids: irregular shaped cells, but generally very short
    • Function in mechanical protection
    • Located almost anywhere in plant body
    • Stone cells( common in shells of nuts, flesh of hard fruits)
    • Gritty substances in pears
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