Tissues: Muscle and Nervous Tissues

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  1. Muscle 
    function, location
    • Functions:  movement
    • Locations:  attached to bone, walls of blood vessels and viscera
  2. Muscle
    composition and types
    • Composition:  contains contracting proteins: actin and myosin which if regularly arranged will make the muscle appear striated
    • Types:
    • Skeletal
    • Cardiac
    • Smooth
  3. Muscle classification according to...structure
    • Striated:  Skeletal and Cardiac
    • Non-striated:  Smooth
  4. Muscle classification according to...function
    • Voluntary:  Skeletal
    • Involuntary:  Cardiac and Smooth
  5. Skeletal muscle
    • Striated, multinucleated fibers
    • Voluntary
    • Fastest contracting muscle
    • Location: attached to bones
    • Multinucleate
  6. Cardiac muscle
    • Striated, one centrally located nucleus per cell, intercalated discs at lateral ends
    • Cells often form a branched layer
    • Intercalated discs- increase transmission of ATP
    • Involuntary
    • Location: Myocardium of the heart
  7. Smooth muscle
    • Non-striated, spindle-shaped cells with centrally located nucleus
    • Usually in layers
    • Slowest contracting muscle
    • Involuntary
    • Location:  Walls of blood vessels and viscera (except heart)
  8. Nervous Tissue
    function and composition
    • Functions:  to monitor and respond to changes in the environment
    • Composition:
    • Neuron -- the functional unit of the nervous system
    • Neuroglia including Schwann cells -- supportive cells
  9. Nervous tissue
    • CNS (brain and cord)
    • PNS (nerves and ganglia outside CNS)
    • Somatic NS -- controls contraction of skeletal muscle
    • Autonomic NS -- controls contraction of cardiac and smooth muscle
  10. Neuron
    Composition and types
    • Composition:
    • Cell Body or Soma
    • Processes
    • Dendrite(s)
    • Axon
    • Types:
    • Sensory (afferent)
    • Motor (efferent)
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