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  1. chemical kinetics
    the area of chemistry concerned with reaction rates and the sequence of steps by which reactions occur
  2. Reaction rate
    • either hte increase in the concentration of hte product or the decrease in the concentration of a reactant per unit time
    • Reactant--> product
    • aA-->bB
    • Rate= -(delta[A])/ (deltat)
  3. rate constant
    a constant of proportionality between the reaction rate and the concentration of reactants
  4. Rate law
    an equation that shows the dependence of the reaction rate on the concentration of each reactant
  5. The values of the exponents in the rate law __; they cannot be __
    • must be determined by the experimet
    • deduced from the stoichiometry of the reaction
  6. Reaction order
    the sum of hte powers to which all reactant concentrations appearing in the rate law are raised
  7. Reaction order is determined experimentally:
    • a) by inspection
    • b) from the slope of a log (rate) vs. log[A] plot
  8. Determination by inspection:
    Use what rates
      • aA+bB=cC+dD
      • Rate=R=k[A]^m[B]n
      • initial
  9. ·  Reaction Order with Respect to a Reactant
    first and second order or more
    first and second order or more
  10. First order
    • reaction rate depends on the reacctant concentration raised to the first powre
    • A--> products
  11. __ can be used to derive an __.
    • calculus
    • integrated rate law
  12. A plot of __ versus __ gives a __ fit and the __ will be __.
    • ln[A] 
    • time
    • straight-line 
    • slope
    • -k
  13. Half life
    the time required for a reactant concentration to droop to one-half of its initial value
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