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  1. bailar
    to dance
  2. buscar
    to look for
  3. caminar
    to walk
  4. cantar
    to sing
  5. cenar
    to have dinner
  6. comprar
    to buy
  7. contestar
    to answer
  8. conversar
    to converse; to chat
  9. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  10. desear
    to wish; to desire
  11. dibujar
    to draw
  12. enseñar
    to teach
  13. escuchar la radio/música
    to listen (to) the radio/music
  14. esperar
    to wait; to hope
  15. estar
    to be
  16. estudiar
    to study
  17. explicar
    to explain
  18. gustar
    to like
  19. hablar
    to talk/ to speak
  20. llegar
    to arrive
  21. llavar
    to carry
  22. mirar
    to look (at); to watch
  23. necesitar ( +inf)
    to need
  24. practicar
    to practice
  25. preguntar
    to ask (a question)
  26. preparar
    to prepare
  27. regresar
    to return
  28. terminar
    to end; to finish
  29. tomar
    to take; to drink
  30. trabajar
    to work
  31. viajar
    to travel
  32. bailo
    I dance
  33. buscas
    you dance (fam.)
  34. camina
    you (form.), he/she walks
  35. cantamos
    we sing
  36. cenan
    you all/they have dinner
  37. compro
    I buy
  38. contestas
    you (fam.) answer
  39. conversa
    you (form.), he/she converse/chat
  40. desayunamos
    we have breakfast
  41. descansan
    you all/they rest
  42. deseo
    I wish/desire
  43. dibujas
    you (fam.) draw
  44. enseña
    you (form.), he/she teaches
  45. nosotros escuchamos
    we listen
  46. uds./ellos/ellas esperan
    you all/he/she waits for; hopes
  47. yo estudio
    I study
  48. tú explicas
    you (fam.) explain
  49. ud./él/ella habla
    you (form.)/he/she talks/ speak(s)
  50. nosotras llegamos
    we arrive
  51. uds./ellos/ellas llevan
    you all/they carry
  52. miro OR yo miro
    I look (at); I watch
  53. tú necesitas OR necesitas
    you (fam.) need
  54. practica OR ud./él/ella practica
    you (form.), he/she practice(s)
  55. preguntamos OR nosotros preguntamos
    we ask (a question)
  56. preparan OR uds./ellos/ella preparan
    you all/they prepare
  57. regreso
    I return
  58. terminas
    you (fam.) end/finish
  59. toma
    you (form.), he/she take; drink
  60. trabajamos
    we work
  61. viajan
    you all/they travel
  62. abrir
    to open
  63. aprender (a + inf.)
    to learn
  64. asistir (a)
    to attend
  65. beber
    to drink
  66. comer
    to eat
  67. compatir
    to share
  68. comprender
    to understand
  69. correr
    to run
  70. creen (en)
    to believe (in)
  71. deber (+ inf.)
    should; must; ought to
  72. decidir (+ inf.)
    to decide
  73. describir
    to describe
  74. escribir
    to write
  75. leer
    to read
  76. recibir
    to receive
  77. tener
    to have
  78. venir
    to come
  79. vivir
    to live
  80. almorzar (o:ue)
    to have lunch
  81. cerrar (e: ie)
    to close
  82. comenzar (e: ie)
    to begin
  83. conseguir (e:i)
    to get; to obtain
  84. contar (o:ue)
    to count; to tell
  85. decir (e:i)
    to say; to tell
  86. dormir (o;ue)
    to sleep
  87. empezar (e:ie)
    to begin
  88. encontrar (o:ue)
    to find
  89. entender (e:ie)
    to understand
  90. hacer
    to do; to make
  91. ir
    to go
  92. jugar (u;ue)
    to play (a sport or a game)
  93. mostrar (o:ue)
    to show
  94. oír
    to hear
  95. pedir (e:i)
    to ask for; to request
  96. pensar (e:ie)
    to think
  97. pensar (+inf.)
    to intend
  98. pensar en
    to think about
  99. perder (e:ie)
    to lose; to miss
  100. poder (o:ue)
    to be able to; can
  101. poner
    to put; to place
  102. preferir (e:ie)
    to prefer
  103. querer (e:ie)
    to want; to love
  104. recordar (o:ue)
    to remember
  105. repetir (e:i)
    to repeat
  106. salir
    to leave
  107. seguir (e:i)
    to follow; to continue
  108. suponer
    to suppose
  109. traer
    to bring
  110. ver
    to see
  111. volver (o:ue)
    to return
  112. comienzan
    they begin
  113. cuente
    you (form.), he, she counts; tells
  114. digo
    I say; I tell
  115. dice
    you (famil.) say, tell
  116. juegas
    you (famil.) play
  117. mostamos
    we show
  118. piden
    they ask
  119. puedo
    I am able; I can
  120. voy (*ir)
    I go
  121. recuerde
    you (form.), it, he, she remembers
  122. veo (*ver)
    I see
  123. ves (*ver)
    you (famil.) see
  124. ve (*ver)
    you (form.), he, she sees
  125. vemos (*ver)
    we see
  126. ven (*ver)
    they see
  127. oigo (*oír)
    I hear
  128. oyes (*oír)
    you (famil.) hear
  129. oye (*oír)
    he, she, it, you (form.) hear
  130. oímos (*oír)
    we hear
  131. oyen (*oír)
    they hear
  132. hago (*hacer)
    I do
  133. pongo (*poner)
    I put
  134. salgo (*salir)
    I leave
  135. supongo (*suponer)
    I suppose
  136. traigo (*traer)
    I bring
  137. vas (*ir)
    you (famil.) go
  138. va (*ir)
    he, she, it, you (form.), go
  139. vamos (*ir)
    we go
  140. van (*ir)
    they go
  141. decir la verdad
    to tell the truth
  142. decir que
    to say that
  143. decir mentiras
    to tell lies
  144. decir la respuesta
    to say the answer
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