2013 Science Chapter 4

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  1. Name 5 characteristics for Birds?
    • 1. Adaptations for flight
    • 2. Obtaining oxygen
    • 3. Obtaining food
    • 4. Keeping conditions stable 
    • 5. reproducing & caring for young
  2. Define a bird
    A bird is an endothermic vertebrae that has feathers & a four chambered heart.
  3. A bird also layes
  4. Name 4 reasons Birds bodies are adapted for flight
    • 1. Hollow bones
    • 2. Bones of a birds forelimb forms wings
    • 3. Large chest bones that move the wings
    • 4. Feathers
  5. Name 2 kinds of feathers?

  6. Define Contour feathers
    Large feathers that give shape to a birds body.
  7. Long contour feathers that extend beyond the body are called?
    Flight feathers
  8. 2 ways Flight contour feathers help the bird
    Balance & steer
  9. Contour feathers are made up of 2 things
    • A central shaft
    • Many hairlike projections
  10. Hairlike projections are called
  11. What holds the barbs in place?
  12. 4 words that describe down feathers.
    • Short
    • Fluffy
    • Soft
    • Flexible
  13. Down feathers keep the bird
  14. Where can you find down feathers?
    • Right next to the birds skin
    • At the base of the contour feathers
  15. Flying uses a lot of
  16. Cells must obtain lots of ???? To release the energy in food
  17. Two ways birds get oxygen into their bodies & cells
    • Air sacs
    • Circulatory system
  18. The air sac system connects to the
  19. The air sac enables birds to do what
    To get more Oxygen from each breath of air  than other other animals can
  20. What is the advantage of a four chamber heart over a 3 chambered heart
    The oxygen rich blood does not mix with the poor blood therefore blood carried to the cells of the body has plenty of oxygen
  21. To capture grip and handle food birds mainly use their
    Bills or beaks
  22. A Eagles beak acts like a blank contrasted to a Ducksbill that acts like a. Blank blank
    • Hook
    • kitchen, strainer
  23. What does the crop do
    Stores the food
  24. What does that gizzard do
    Squeezes & grinds the partially digested food
  25. DoesDoes the gizzard contain stones sometimes?
    Yes to help grind the food
  26. Do birds have internal or external fertilization
    Internal like reptiles
  27. Bird eggs will only develop at what temperature
    Close to the body temperature of the parent bird
  28. What are the most diverse land dwelling vertebrate
  29. Name three characteristics that birds are adapted for living in diverse environments
    • 1. Shapes of their legs
    • 2. Bill shapes of their bills/beaks
    • 3.  Shapes of claw
  30. Birds are some of the chief predators of what animals name two
    Pests & rodents
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