Spanish: Level 1

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  1. Me llamo Pedro
    My name is Pedro
  2. Mucho gusto
    please to meet you
  3. Encantada
    Nice to meet you
  4. ¿De dònde eres?
    Where are you from?
  5. Soy de Mèxico.
    I am from Mexico
  6. Soy mexicana.
    I am Mexican.(female)
  7. es tardes
    it's late
  8. Adiòs
  9. the verb "ser"
    to be

    used to say where you come from...
  10. Yo soy
    I am
  11. tù eres
    you are
  12. el/elle es
    he/she is
  13. usted es
    you are (formal)
  14. Soy mexicana
    I am Mexican. (female)
  15. Soy mexicano.
    I am Mexican. (male)
  16. Masculine words in Spanish end in?
    "l'', ''s'' or ''o''
  17. feminine words end in ?
  18. Soy argentino.
    I am Argentinean. male
  19. Soy argetina.
    I m Argentinean. female
  20. Tù eres norteamericano.
    You are Amerian. male
  21. Tù eres norteamericana.
    You are Ameriacan. female
  22. El es español.
    He is Spanish.
  23. Ella es espanola.
    She is Spanish.
  24.  (verb) - llamarse
    to be in to be named or identified
  25. (yo) Me llamo...
    My name is....
  26. (tù) Te llamas...
    Your name is...
  27. (èl/ella) Se llama...
    his/Her name is...
  28. (usted) Se llama...
    Your name formal
  29. ¿Còmo te llamas?
    What is your name?
  30. Mucho gusto.
    Nice to meet you.
  31. ¡Enchatada!
    I'm delighted to meet you. in response
  32. ¿De dònde eres?
    Where are you from?
  33. Soy de Venezuela.
    I am from Venezuela.
  34. ¿De dòndes es? (usted)
    where are you from? formal
  35. Soy norteamericano. Soy de Estados Unidos.
    I am Ameriacan. I am from the United States.
  36. ¡Es tardes!
    It's late!
  37. !Hasta luego, es tardes!
    See you later, it's late!
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