chapt 5

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  1. eukaryotes
    have a nucleus
  2. prokaryotes
    do not have a nucleus
  3. what kingdoms are eukaryotic?
    • protist
    • fungi
    • animals
  4. cell wall
    is rigid provides support and shape composed of chitin
  5. cytoplasmic membrane
    bilayers of phospholipids with proteinmolecules embedded

    contains sterols

    is selectivly permeable
  6. nucleus
    control center

    seperated by the cytoplasm

    has nuclear pores

    filled with nucleoplasm
  7. endoplasmic reticulum
    passage way into the cell

    series of tunnels

    used in transport and storage

    consists of rough and smooth

    • roughyt has ribosomes
    • smooth does not

    involved in protein synthesis
  8. golgi apparatus
    known as the packaging  machine

    receives from the ER

    incharge of modification and packaging

    stack of cisternae
  9. mitochondria
    is the energy supply

    contains circular strands of DNA

    contains prokaryotic size 70s
  10. chloroplast
    photosynthesis machine

    found in algea and plants

    converts ebergy using photosynthesis
  11. ribosomes
    protein synthesizers
  12. cytoskeleton
    support network

    flexible framework

    anchors organells moves rna vesicles

    permits shape change

    2 types microfilaments/microtubules
  13. mycology
    study of fungi
  14. mycologist
    a dr who studys fungi
  15. fungi
    is a eukaryote and usually multicellular

     cause human and animal disease

    close phylenogeny with animals
  16. yeast
  17. protist
    most diverse of all kingdoms

    most unicellular

    contains algae and protazoa
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