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  1. 181. trepidation (n)
    nervous agitation; apprehension; fear
  2. 182. ubiquitous (adj)
    existing everywhere at the same time; omnipresent
  3. 183. unctuous (adj)
    marked by a smug, ingratiating, and false earnestness of spirituality, oily charge, greasy
  4. 184. unhallowed (adj)
    unholy; profane; immoral; sinful
  5. 185. unsullied (adj)
    unsoiled; chaste; pure
  6. 186. vacillation (vb)
    to waver in mind, will or feeling; hesitant; indecisive
  7. 187. vacuity (n)
    an empty space; a vacuous or inane thing
  8. 188. vacuous (adj)
    marked by lack of ideas or intelligence
  9. 189. vaunted (vb)(n)
    bragging; boastful
  10. 190. verdant (adj)
    green with vegetation; unripe in experience of judgment
  11. 191. vignette (n)
    a brief word picture or sketch
  12. 192. vilify (vb)
    to utter slanderous and abusive statements against, speak ill of
  13. 193. vindicate (vb)
    to protect from attack; exonerate; to clear one's name; avenge
  14. 194. vitriolic (adj)
    caustic feeling or speech; hateful
  15. 195. vociferous (adj)
    given to loud outcry; clamorous; strident
  16. 196. volatility (adj)
    tending to erupt into violent action; explosive
  17. 197. voluble (adj)
    characterized by ready or rapid speech; talkative; fluent
  18. 198. voluminous (adj)
    marked by great volume or bulk; numerous; full
  19. 199. wanton (adj)
    unchaste; lewd; extravagant; a person given to luxurious self-enjoyment
  20. 200. wry (adj)
    distortion of facial muscles; cleverly and often bitterly or disdainfully ironic or amusing
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