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  1. sentir
    • to feel
    • to be sorry (lo siento)
    • to sympathise
  2. yo siento
    I feel
  3. el\ella\Ud. siente
    he, she, you, feels
  4. nosotros sentimos
    we feel
  5. ellos\ellas sienten
    they feel
  6. pensar
    to think
  7. yo pienso
    I think
  8. el\ella\Ud. piensa
    he, she, you, thinks
  9. nosotros pensamos
    we think
  10. ellos\ellas pensan
    They think
  11. decir
    • to say
    • to tell
  12. yo digo
    i say
  13. el\ella\Ud. dice
    he, she, you, says
  14. nosotros decimos
    we said
  15. ellos\ellas dicen
    they said
  16. preguntar
    to ask
  17. yo pregunto
    i ask
  18. él/ella/Ud. pregunta
    he, she, you ask
  19. nosotros preguntamos
    we ask
  20. ellos/ellas preguntan
    they ask
  21. creer
    to believe
  22. yo creo
    I believe
  23. él/ella/Ud. cree
    he, she, you, believes
  24. nosotros creemos
    We believe
  25. ellos/ellas creen
    they believe
  26. aceptar
    to accept
  27. yo acepto
    I accept
  28. él/ella/Ud. acepta
    he, she, you accept
  29. nosotros aceptamos
    we accept
  30. ellos/ellas aceptan
    they accept

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