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  1. permitir
    to allow
  2. yo permito
    I permit
  3. él/ella/Ud. permite
    he, she, you permit
  4. nosotros permitimos
    We permit
  5. ellos/ellas permiten
    They permit
  6. prestar
    to borrow
  7. yo presto
    I borrow
  8. él/ella/Ud. presta
    he, she, you borrow
  9. nosotros prestamos
    we borrow
  10. ellos/ellas prestan
    they borrow
  11. romper
    to break
  12. yo rompo
    I break
  13. él/ella/Ud. rompe
    he, she, you breaks
  14. nosotros rompemos
    we break
  15. ellos/ellas rompen
    they break
  16. traer
    to bring
  17. yo traigo
    I bring
  18. él/ella/Ud. trae
    he, she, you brings
  19. nosotros traemos
    we bring
  20. ellos/ellas traen
    they bring
  21. comprar
    to buy
  22. yo compro
    I buy
  23. él/ella/Ud. compra
    he, she, you buy
  24. nosotros compramos
    we buy
  25. ellos/ellas/Uds. compran
    they buy
  26. cancelar
    to cancel
  27. yo cancelo
    I cancel
  28. él/ella/Ud. cancela
    he, she, you cancels
  29. nosotros cancelamos
    we cancel
  30. ellos/ellas cancelan
    they cancel
  31. cambiar
    to change
  32. yo cambio
    I change
  33. él/ella/Ud. cambia
    he, she, you changes
  34. nosotros cambiamos
    we change
  35. ellos/ellas cambian
    they change

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