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  1. oir
    to hear, to listen
  2. yo oigo
    I hear
  3. él/ella/Ud. oye
    he, she, you hears
  4. nosotros oímos
    we hear
  5. ellos/ellas oyen
    they hear
  6. dañar
    to damage
  7. yo daño
    I damage
  8. él/ella/Ud. daña
    he, she, you damages
  9. nosotros dañamos
    we damage
  10. ellos/ellas dañan
    they damage
  11. herir
    to hurt
  12. yo hiero
    I hurt
  13. él/ella/Ud. hiere
    he, she, you hurt
  14. nosotros herimos
    we hurt
  15. ellos/ellas hieren
    they hurt
  16. conocer
    to know; to meet
  17. yo conozco
    I know or meet
  18. él/ella/Ud. conoce
    he, she, you knows or meets
  19. nosotros conocemos
    we know or meet
  20. ellos/ellas/Uds. conocen
    they know or meet
  21. aprender
    to learn
  22. yo aprendo
    I learn
  23. él/ella/Ud. aprende
    he, she, you learns
  24. nosotros aprendemos
    we learn
  25. ellos/ellas/Uds. aprenden
    they learn
  26. salir
    to go out; to leave
  27. yo salgo
    I leave
  28. él/ella/Ud. sale
    he, she, you leaves
  29. nosotros salimos
    we leave
  30. ellos/ellas salen
    they leave

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Verbs 8
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